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  1. Well bro, it wasn't the best night but it was a night of learning. I went up $130 in twenty minutes. Flopped trips and cleaned a guy out.Won several small pots. Lost a couple of nice pots. One with K-9 in the small blind. Lost two pair to trips on the river. Next hand I had 9s, flopped 9-7-2, turned an Ace and rivered an ace and he had A-2. He raised on the flop, I reraised and he called. He went all in for his last 50 and I called. Oh well.I would like everyone's advice on this dreaded hand that we all see from time to time. I just feel that I played it really poorly.I had 7d-8h on
  2. Here we go D.I'm taking $300 and a couple of cigars for the breaks.Wish me luck bro and I'll let you know.
  3. I dare you to watch it again and take one everytime she says "darn"
  4. CR wasn't really for me. Great site but I just can't benefit from it for some dumb reason. Not bashing the site at all. It is a really great site, just not for me. Maybe because I was such a new player and didn't have enough since to put 2+2 together. I recommend to give most of the sites at least a good college try. I have heard of another really interesting site that about to come online and I'm definately going to try it. Should be a great cash game site. (If I win a million bucks, I'll wait about a year before I post a review though...lol!)I can't believe that this post has turned i
  5. As far as limit goes, I do wish that Daniel would put some of his major effort into limit, since I heard that it was his best game.I'll tell ya the truth. If I will just sit at a 10/20 limit game for about an hour, I will do pretty decent but not anything to write about. Anything over that, I become a Mullet. Especially since I started playing so many tournaments. I really don't know when to quit and I have a bad habit of just moving all in to push guys around on smaller limit tables. The SB approach really sucks on a 1/3 table but it's not too bad on a 2/5 and a little better on 10/20 n
  6. For those playing at home, cantankerous has nothing to do with a sore and everything to do with something that was heaving to and fro on his lip.Cream has everything to do with a form of cream, and yes it is kinda clear.
  7. Seriously D, what books or sites do you recommend for cash games. (Please don't recommend any online poker aid sites..lol)And don't say something like "Penthouse" (or Playgirl... not that there's anything wrong with that...) or "Nakedpoker.com"BTW, I love you on Ghost Hunters!
  8. I hear ya dude.There is no way in hell I am going to give you my online info!!LOL!
  9. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you see this poster , BIGDMCGEE, post any post that resemble anything that might include....Let me recommend you play...If you're ever in this situation, I recommend...If I were you, I would not play any cards that...To be a great poker player you need to...or any post that even have the words:PokerCards7-2SIGN OFF IMMEDIATELY OR RISK INFECTION!!!!!!!!See below for further warning. Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Network Filter BigDMcGee 109 -$5 $21 -21% -$575 Tilt Full
  10. Ok, would this be a better review for someone like me?I read Daniels book and placed third in a $500 MTT so I signed on to PVT. I played 14 tournaments and cashed in 11 and won two seats in the Main Event in two weeks.I can't say much for cash or online content because nothing on it has clicked with me yet like the Small Ball tournament approach that Daniel teaches.I went to the WSOP Academy few weeks later. I was coached by Annie Duke, Paul Wasicka, Greg Raymer, Annette Obrestad, and Mark Seif, and many others. I learned a little something from each one of them but nothing that really click
  11. I know it's a huge mistake to come back for one more smack across the screen but here we go.BigD, I didn't start bashing until I had been ripped apart by you guys. If you look at the post, I was very patient. I only posted results and stuff and immediately I was gang banged. I am totally new to all the forum stuff and had no idea that if a guy wanted to come on the site and post a positive review about some incredible results that he would be torn to pieces. I seriously thought that this forum was made for guys that were supporters of PVT. Call me naive but remember, I have never posted
  12. I do trully appologize to DC for all the bashing. I am just growing tired of hearing that DC is great and PVT sucks. I did try their site through a friend but never caught on. Just like it may sound like I am completely a joke account for PVT, it also sounds the same for DC because that's all I hear now. Again, I am really sorry if I got out of line. I wish PVT would put a forum up for the members so that I would never have to read anything on this site ever again. Likewise, I would never bother the REAL members of this site.If anyone has ever read my first post, they would see that I am
  13. This is exactly what I'm talking about. You don't even have it and yet you have made your mind up. What the hell do I have to do? Video the results. HELL! You'd just tell me that I hired everyone at the Horseshoe and paid all their entries to lay down. You haven't even tried the site for free and I'm the damn loon!? Ok, BigD. Let me start over. I am not a joke account. I am just a guy that has been playing for a year or so with little success. I tried all the other crap and when I got Daniel's book and Pokevt, something clicked. I in no way thought that by posting a positive review
  14. It's so amazing. Even after the vlog with Daniel people still think I am a joke account. 1) No, I am not a joke account.2) No, I don't make a dime off PVT but I have done extremely well because of it. I can't place it on anything else. Tried most of the other stuff and it just didn't work.3) You must be a rep from DC if you are that hell bent on expecting PVT to have all the content up in just a few months. How much are they giving you to come here and blast one of the best start up sites on the internet?Once again, here's my little fat ass on Rawvegas and no I haven't recieved a penny fr
  15. Yeah, it's like having a great day at the office. Everything was going to plan. You made all the right calls to all the right clients. You came home and you're wife greeted you with a kiss. You're kids had great report cards. You relax in a wonderful bath and then you head for bed and stump your toe on the chair. You forget about all the good that happened and will only talk about how you broke your big toe the next day.You can only play the best poker you can and try not to let the last hand get to you. That's one of the things that I really respect people like Phil Ivey and Daniel for.
  16. I agree. Why don't they talk more making government smaller instead of taking more and more on. I think government should be run in small buildings, they should drive their own cars, and buy their own damn gas. Why is the governement turning around and buying bad paper when the banks did the same thing and they went under? Who will bail us out? Will Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Boone Pickens bail the Government out?
  17. I am actually amazed that there are so many informed people here but how many here really think that they are going to change anyone's opinion other than Daniel? If there are any undecided voters reading any of this, they are only here because they really like Daniel and respect his game and along with that, they respect him and his opinions. Everyone else here is just a mullet, including myself. There will be several responding to this that will prove my point. (eg...Slapstick) I know most of you are going to say "You're just a Daniel guy." The fact is, I am barely an acquaintance. I perso
  18. You're right! That's why I'm leaving PVT. When I read that I can give Blumpster $250 an hour to teach me Stud 8, I was sold. When I read..."Although I do not have a lot of poker coaching experience, I have a lot of teaching experience (as a Teaching Assistant at UCLA in advanced undergraduate courses), and I am confident in my ability to improve the skills of my students.Rate: $250" I said SOLD!!!!!Besides, I have mastered the PVT site and have a complete grasp on that broke Daniel Negreanu. That guy couldn't even take down the player of the year! I have come to realize that it just isn't
  19. I don't know... Daniel, I'm sorry but after looking at that guy and reading Deathdonkey's resume on Deucescracked, I am going to cancel my subscription to PVT and hire him. How in the hell are you going to compete with that resume? You have a pro that can't even beat Jamie Gold for the Main Event! Besides, I think that you have a girl working for you that isn't even old enough to play in my casino. Canada may be the linchpin of the English speaking world, but I don't even know what street Canada is on?Is it true that you are completely broke and that's why your mom made all your food during
  20. Can't wait! Not able to play as much as before due to my "real" job but I still play once or twice a week. Keeping my record of one final table a week though. Playing in a nice $300 freeze out tomorrow and hope to do well there. I keep seeing guys asking for a video on "How do you avoid a bad beat?". Maybe we need a video on "What is a bad beat?" I have a pretty good example of guys complaining about bad beats that are no where near bad beats on my main post. It's amazing what the Nutz game will do for avoiding what people consider bad beats. There is nothing like hearing a guy scream "
  21. Bad beats! Do you really know the true meaning?I see a lot of people that are talking about "How do I avoid a bad beat!"Let me say this. I played a $220 freezeout the other night with 70 players. I was playing a great SB game and was a little above average. I went to the third table and sat two down from the chip leader. Every head was shaking when I sat down. He called an all in for 1/3 of his chips. The other player had A-Q, he had Jh-9h. He flopped j-9.Two hands later a guy went all in and he called with 4h-2h. The other player turned over 10's. He caught a flush.I saw at least fou
  22. What's up ROB!Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I am only playing a couple a week but still finding at least one final table a week. Taking a small break right now though. My landman business is very busy, which is great. Prices are going up and down so I have to keep ahead of the game.Hope to see you at the WSOP next year. Keep up the success out there bro and keep me posted!Paul
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