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  1. In deep stack cash games you don't want to steal the blinds/antes... you want to win stacks, yo
    Yeah, the thing being brought up was that Daniel wrote an article saying Small Ball wasn't the way to play deep stacks. We were talking about how it is a great tool to use in tournaments, not cash games. You want to steal the blinds and antes in tournaments and small ball is the way to do it without risking too much of your stack.
  2. I think his point was about beginners trying to use small ball and not having the skill or the full grasp of how to do it.In that sense, I agree with him. Of course all those great players use it and win with it. I don't think he was attacking small ball, just that beginners don't use it well, mostly because they suck postflop.
    You are 100% correct sir. Guys watch the Small Ball vids without ever looking at the beginner vids and then get upset because they don't know what to do postflop. That's why you can't say Small Ball doesn't work when you don't know what it is in the first place. It's not as simple as having AQ on the button and making a 2.5 bet, hitting the queen and moving all in. Guys do that all the time, go broke and then say that they tried it but it doesn't work. I'm actually glad that it seems only a few really understand small ball. If they trully learn it, they will be better players faster because they play quite a few hands and see more flops, thus having to make decisions, but they are taught what to do after the flop and therefore are better players earlier in their poker life. What are the major problems that new guys have when they start playing poker?
  3. 'Playing Poker by Daniel Negreanu : Avoid small-ball in deep-stack games Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.09.2008'I didnt say that. But it makes sense. Phil Hellmuth uses a small ball approach and he is probably the most successful player in tournaments which are not deep stacks, while Ivey who is probably the opposite playing style crushes deep stacks tournaments.
    I think that your question was that small ballers can't win tournaments. "U cannot a win tournaments with a small ball strategy, "This article is talking about deep stack cash games."In a deep-stack cash game, however, that type of bet just wouldn't be big enough to have any chance at stealing blinds and antes." The point of small ball is not getting involved in large pots with marginal hands. It teaches the beginner not to shove all in with top pair on a bad board. Patience.
  4. This is completely wrong. 95% of the best deep stacked NL tournament players play... small ball. You CANNOT be a consistent winner if you don't both understand it, and use it. It's a must.
    Wuzup Kid?! Long time no see.The main thing here is the word "Understand". That is the problem. People don't give it a real chance and really don't know when they are playing someone that understands Small Ball. Small Ball for me wasn't really that hard to learn, but if you don't have patience and discipline you'll never fully understand grasp the concept and just give up without really playing it properly.
  5. That poor guy is insane. I think my dog just went deaf. Best comment was about what he should do with the harmonica.Yes, that guy is serious. When I was in the music business we had a guy actually audition with 'Amazing Grace' and sang a song he wrote right after it that had the words "Wif two big ball up agin her chin" right after it.
  6. dumb butt?
    I'm trying to be easy on myself. If you'd seen how much of a donk I was when I went from chip leader in the 6 man WSOP event , to the rail in 30 minutes and an hour from the money, I should call myself a complete idiot and quit poker all together. I am still a complete newbie that can only play live daily tournaments. Still learning the switching gears thing for larger tournaments.As far as not being able to win tournaments with it, I disagree. People put small ball in a general subject line as though it's just small raises and fold.You're question was can new players find success with it. I just used myself as an example of someone that has done quite well in live daily tournaments, live 1/2, and smaller limit games. I just can't be an example of someone that has had success online or in large tournaments. I just finally had to realize that I profit close to home and if I want to play larger events, I need to send them a check and save my time. As a 40 year old player, I have to leave the larger fields and online play to you young guns. I just can't hang with guys like yall.So, in saying that, I would say that if you are a new player SB is a great way to learn the game. Ya gotta learn patience, discipline, and position when you are learning to walk. New players watch TV too much and think any ace is good and it's all about shoving your chips in when it hits. They think they are pros because "I watch that move on TV all the time!". Just like they think they know how Daniel, Phil, and others plays because they've watched the 100 or so hands he's been involved in on TV. You have to admit that you can thank TV for creating more donks than small ball.
  7. If you min raise with pocket aces allowing opponents to call u with suited connectors and flopping maybe two pair on flop, I don't think beginners are that good to fold Aces so easily, they will probably loose many chips in that spot, and btw they will never be sure wether they raise them cus they act as they are weak, or because they really have a a better hand. Small ball might effective when you stack is kinda small compared with the blinds, but in any other circunstance amateurs will go broke since small ball is a good way of trapping yourself.but anyway...
    Small ball is the greatest thing a new player can try. You have to remember that Daniel teaches to play only certain hands in certain spots, so therefore you are learning to be patient and only play those hands. It gets you away from playing j-9 suited UTG just because it's your favorite hand. As far as the aces, it really matters on the size of the pot. The way I understood it from Daniel, was that say I have AA on the button and had a caller in early position. If he makes the call and on the flop he bets or even better check raises, I can fold the hand if the pot is out of control. Before he taught be small ball, I would have moved all in no matter what after the flop. He taught me that the game is about patience, discipline, and survival. There will be another hand. Now, if the guy only had 20% of my stack, I would probably move all in. If I lost, small ball will allow me to rebuild my stack. Short stacks suck with small ball. No way to play it. Now, saying that, I am 55% in tournaments, and 5-5 in $100 WSOP rebuy sats this year. The fields are 100 players or more. The starting stacks are $800 and double addon gives you another $2000. For some reason, and maybe Daniel could tell me why, I kill rebuy tournaments. The only thing I can reason is that after the rebuy is over, I am patient and the other guys have so much adrenaline that they are still making those marginal move ins and I can benefit from that. I have still had no large tournament success at all with Small Ball. Go figure. Anything under 150 players, I am in the money most of the time. Over 200, I completely suck! Four WSOP appearances and I was 20 from the money in the 6 man event, blown out early in Pot limit, about half through the field in the last $1500, and out around 11pm the first day of the Main Event. The reason people do not have success with Small Ball is because they get bored or they do exactly like you said, and get involved in pots that are way too large to manage. Then they blame Small Ball for their problems when they weren't playing small ball at all. So, from a guy with very little experience when he started using small ball, I would have to come to the conclusion that:1. It works extremely well in rebuys for some reason. I cash a huge percentage of the time for some reason.2. Deepstacks are great for them in smaller fields.3 I can't recommend a newbie to use it in the larger fields. This is probably due to a huge hole that I have in the game. I did hire a coach and that's when I went deep in the 6 man, so maybe it's just an adjustment I have to go through.I am definitely no Daniel, but I am an example of dumb butt newbie that has a little success with it, though not as much as I wish I could. I really need to log a lot more hours into the game to take it to the level most of the guys here are at.
  8. It's time for Phil to take his final wave from the old course bridge.His day in the light is dimming and he knows he has to do all he can before the real Phil of poker breaks his records. He knows that soon he'll be sitting at the table with old nits like me, showing us his tarnished bracelets and telling us how great he was.Alas poor Phil get's his final punches in.Think about it. When was the last time we read a smart thing he said about poker?The only time he can make the news is when he blows up, tells a winning player he sucks, or wrecks a car.Let him have his fleeting moment. He deserves it. Pull up a chair Phil.

  9. This PM was sent to me from Paul Brevard:Thanks for your response.Dan's really upset and about in tears after all the hours. The other thread turned into a bash session by some idiots.Thanks again -------------------- :club:
    Yeah, pokernews twitter said that he was fighting back tears as he told that he kept fighting back. His mother is a fighter and he is too. Pretty emotional at the time I'm sure.Despite how anyone feels about him, he's done an amazing feat this year in the WSOP.
  10. First, everyone is 100% correct to tell you to admit it to your dad. He may not have the money, but he might have an idea on how to get a loan. You need to brainstorm to find out where you can raise the money quick. Ebay, garage sale, tutor some other students (not in poker) whatever you can get some quick cash. The carwash was actually a good idea. Stand outside with a sign saying "Put a sucker through College!" or "Will work for College Funding!". Gotta get creative my friend. If you really want to learn how to play, I would offer this advice and it's all free. Watch players like Bigd play limit. Watch Fluff, no not baxter, or any number of great players here play online. Watch them use the money that they do have instead of spending the money you don't have. You'll be amazed at the skill you'll pick up. I am happy with live poker and did this with guys like Daniel, Alex Outhred, Scotty, and several other pros until I realized that I needed to be watching guys that I would play against so I watch local players and it brought me to a new level. Also stick with the strat forum here. These guys give some of the best advice you can ever find on the strat forums. Find your niche in poker and then go to that section here and indulge. They may bust your chops on the general poker forum, but they'll give you better advice here than you can find on most sites you pay for. Now, if you can't give it up you need to stick with freerolls. Use some of the points you made to do some sng's for the $250000 tournament. I play the 210 point game and use the $11 tournament dollars to play other smaller tournaments. Some great stories out there about people like Annette Obrestad that did things similar to that. If you do play cash later, play the .01/.02 games until you crush them. It's like playing 1/2 in a casino. I've seen guys that thought they were crushing 1/2 in a casino and realized that 1/2 is like 10/20 online. I can crush local live tournaments, but if I were to play online too much, I might as well send them a donation and save my time. I don't have the chops for online play and I play 5-6 live tournaments a week. It's just two different animals to me and I am too old to hang with these kids online. They are way too advanced for my conservative play. When you hit 40, you find yourself sitting in a casino with the other old fat guys talking about how smart Glenn Cozen was back in 1993 for taking second in the Main Event. Enjoy being young. If you were 40 and wrote that you needed help because you did this, they simply write, "You're going to jail!"Good luck!

  11. Good review - obviously unbiased. Question for you - have you been a member of any other similar sites (cardrunners and the like)? Can you make a comparison? I know a lot of guys swear by CR - but they were there before PVT existed so they can't really say which is "best" (though some they think they can).One feature I love on PVT that you did not mention is the N-SPAT test. I have found it to be a great way to mark my progress and reveal where I am weak (maybe not in practice, but in knowledge). The test results are broken into categories to make this possible.Also the "Know the Math" section section with long winded (but interesting) Prof. Charley Swayne is essential to take your game to the next level.I have not found PVT to be hard to navigate at all (but does need a search engine). It could use more structure in the section authored by "Winning Online Pros", but as whole the site is pretty navigation friendly. This is the section that needs work - the rest of the site is very professional with high end videos making it very easy to digest. The Online Pros section is pretty much video screen captures of online play with narration and situations. Solid information, but difficult to watch as no professional video dynamics exist that helps the viewer stay tuned in. But these guys are poker pros who make videos. I'm probably more sensitive to it because I am a video pro who plays poker. Really though, what more could an online wannabe want than some pros to capture, comment and show the game they want to master.As you mentioned, Daniels instruction is AWESOME and worth at least buying in for three months. After spending a day with him my game changed and I finally felt like I was in control while playing versus waiting to see what happens to figure out what I was going to do next. I am glad I spent the money to join.
    I do wish that they would have the online instruction separate from the live instruction. At the moment, all the live re-creations that they pros have put up are under the "Online Pro" section. A search engine will be fantastic, if they ever get it up. I have noticed that others are putting up the testing as well. Not sure, but I think that the WSOP Poker Academy has one and others are working on them as well. There will be a lot of sites in the future that use a lot of PVT's style. There will be those that will improve upon it and those that will slaughter it. I checked out CR from friends and it's a good site also but not for my style and the games I play. I would recommend pokerxfactor.com and pokervt if you are playing a lot of MTT's. Check it out also. They have free vids to watch and such. An FCP member turned me onto it and it's a great site. Like I said before, I will probably sign back up with PVT one day, if they get some more live pros doing vids. I will stick with the coach and FCP's strat forum for now. Maybe PVT will put more of the live table vids together. I just have to realize that there are a lot more online players than live tournament players so they have to cater to the masses before they can cater to us.You put a lot of great advice up and I enjoyed your comments.GL!
  12. Roger Ailes 'discovered' Rush Limbaugh..which makes him a genius. And fwiw, I think Rush's numbers go up with a democrat to mock in the WH. So the 'appropriate' way to make them money would be to vote for Hillary or Obama
    Man how true. Fox and Rush's numbers went down when Clinton left office but they 'Rushed' through the roof when Obama took office. When Obama won, I wouldn't be surprised if Rush had a tiny bit of his wallet screaming, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"
  13. Well, it's been a little over a year since I did the vlog with Daniel (http://www.rawvegas.tv/watch.php?vID=c58140324f96378da83a99347df0df) and I hope this review will be a little better than my first. I was really new to the game and it opened my eyes to fundamentals that I had no idea I was missing. The improvement was dramatic and my post showed it.Edit: Even though this is still pretty long, I think it's a little more to the point.Pros:1. If you're a new player, you'll find a lot of great information about Daniels SB play. The beginner vids are great and can help a lot.2. The live table videos: They have tables where players have headphones and mics. The headphones keep others from hearing what they are saying so it's pretty cool. You get to hear what the donks are thinking when they make that stupid call and then you have Daniel break in to tell what they should have done. Really the best part about the site.3. They have a forum that allows members to discuss information, much like FCP. Sometimes pros come in and discuss a few things too. I posted all the numbers earlier on how much they each post, but you can find that for yourself if you go to the forum and click the members icon.4. They have some nice information from Annette Obrestad and Paul Wasicka what was great for live players. Adam Junglen has some great videos and they are adding a few new ones here and there but so far they haven't added any more live tournament pros.5. Every Tuesday they add new content. I hope they don't mind but this is what we usually get.Here's a look at what's new this week: Online Strategy with David Redlin:Pokerstars 50 Cubed - Pokerstars 50 Cubed - 1 of 12 - Pokerstars 50 Cubed - 2 of 12 - Pokerstars 50 Cubed - 3 of 12 - Pokerstars 50 Cubed - 4 of 12 - Pokerstars 50 Cubed - 5 of 12 - Pokerstars 50 Cubed - 6 of 12 Online Strategy with Jon Ettinger:4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 1 of 6 - 4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 2 of 6 - 4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 3 of 6 - 4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 4 of 6 - 4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 5 of 6 - 4 Tables of Live Play at NL100 - 6 of 6 Online Strategy with Bryan Devonshire:PokerStars $200 Omaha 8 or Better Replay, First Hand to the Money Part 1 - PokerStars $200 Omaha 8 or Better Replay, First Hand to the Money Part 1 - 1 of 3 - PokerStars $200 Omaha 8 or Better Replay, First Hand to the Money Part 1- 2 of 3 - PokerStars $200 Omaha 8 or Better Replay, First Hand to the Money Part 1- 3 of 3 That is pretty much a normal week. Cons:1. Hard to navigate around. Needs a search engine because everything just lumped together. There really is no structure to the site.2. The forum can be nice at times but they have a "ask the pros" section that can be answered by any member so many times you don't get a response from a pro in the "ask the pros" section.3. The videos really are no different than on most sites. The VIRTUAL TRAINING is a little misleading. I may be wrong but I thought when they had the pros on tables and giving real time thought process as they played, it was unique. That's all but gone. They have done a few since the start up, but not many. 4. There are almost no live tournament or live cash vids since the original sign on. When you ask for live tournament or live cash vids, you're informed that there isn't much difference. I still think that's completely wrong and can quote Daniel on that also. 5. They had a really great way to re-create live tournament when they first started out. They had a great table with situations playing out and Daniel responded to how they should have played the hand. It was great Virtual Training.Conclusion:I am no longer a member, but I would say that PVT can help if you are a new live tournament player. If you need a step by step analysis of how to play poker, Daniel's beginner vids and SB then then the site can really help you out. I can't really comment on the on line vids because I play almost 100% in live tournaments only and the online videos were not helping my game a lot. If you are signing up for PVT for the live tournament or cash aspect, I can't really say that you'll find a lot of content here. They are mainly an online poker training site with few pros that have much success in live tournament poker. I find that really funny because Daniel is number 2 in all time cashes so maybe he'll do some re-creations of some hands he's played in live tournaments or another live table vid like they did when the site first started up. I personally spent many hours watching the same videos over and over on Daniels SB approach and his beginner vids when I first started out and it helped my game tremendously. I believe that at present, if you decide to join, you could get all the information you need in the first three months, which is included in the startup.Look at the Strat forum here for advice also. Members like BigDMcgee, Tehtoe, Highwaystar, Fluff, and many more will help you out a ton on your particular type of play. This forum is worth a lot more than you pay for it.... wait, I mean it's worth a fortune! JK Stay away from the General Forum unless you have thick skin. Hope this update helps.

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