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  1. thank you. we should do lunch sometime.
  2. just to expand a little, there's no reason not to get with someone like aerotek for the duration of your search. you have a short interview, the agent figures out what you want and gets all your info down, and then you get a phone call at some point in the future asking if you want to be rec'd for an opening. I heard back from my guy within two weeks on something with black & veatch, for example. I guess I should contact all those people and let them know I took this one, eh?
  3. 'get laid', come on, how old are we?does anyone here have a way of contacting your wife? if not, then why are you worried about telling us?
  4. considering the field, it's not totally unlikely.
  5. Let's see... I lost out on a career path that would've had me wealthy and retired by 50-55. I blew it with LG of course. and I'm fatter.
  6. looking at the whole picture, oh god yes, I am so much worse off. but I think I'm a lot smarter, more articulate, etc. than I was in 2007ish.
  7. I'm running the speedz plan next week. LG's advice was basically just to stop talking to her full stop.will be nice to be done thinking about this.
  8. it's been at least a year since I last had DQ food. I think I randomly got a blizzard after work one day a few months ago, but that's extremely rare, too. I guess it just feels like lighting money on fire.
  9. speaking of coaching... I asked LG on this one already, now I want the speedz takeI am still talking to this girl from ex-work. how do I go about finding out if I should bother to keep in touch? "could you ever see yourself dating a guy like me?" what's the best way to ask that question, or should I ask it at all? remember, two year relationship resembling marriage.
  10. one of my gaming friends of many years is actually pretty jealous of the resource I have with this thread. I am never gonna feel like I haven't been coached enough on a decision. I never run out of proven conversation material, either. I just have to make sure no one ever discovers the source. I'm kind of a fraud.
  11. strategy: unsure of the validity or appropriateness of everything he's posted since December 2004
  12. nah, nasty divorce scenario. I'm sure she got it back, or half of it.
  13. I have had to deliver the "you lost $30k last week" news before
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