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  1. Originally, I was mixing in the a lot of the lower buyin tourneys as well as the satellites. In fact, in retrospect I should have stuck with the sats, as I had always done pretty well with them. What eventually killed me was playing a schedule that consisted of only the 70KO, 50r, and 100 SnGs. Dumb looking back on it now, but it is hard to have perspective in the moment. I guess I am fortunate that I had removed 55% of my BR.
  2. Probably a valid point, but for some reason I lost my ability to read well and added a lot more gamble to my game. I definitely have the ability to win at that level, but lost my perspective on other tourneys. In those 26 starts (for the 50r), I won once, finished 6th once and finished 4th once. I also cashed a few other time.The run from 0 to +$2,000 to -$1000 at the $100 at the $100 SnGs probably didnt help as well.I'm guessing it was mostly a discipline problem.
  3. This is a very good point. I am not playing with life money, so maybe that is what makes it somewhat different for me. I assign a certain amount of value to my time and I think that biased me toward playing in larger buyins once I had the bankroll to "support" it. I was successful at the 30 + 50 SnG level and initially was successful at the 100 SnG level, but hit a rough patch which hurt my BR. Additionally, I then decided that since I was doing well with lower rebuys and the 70KOs that I could take shots at the bigger tourneys (500 entries to the Sunday Brawl through satellites anyone?).
  4. I wasn't originally talking about variance. Just that 8k would be enough to play a 1r + 1a $50 tourney.
  5. With an $8k roll? The 50r was 1+1 for a max outlay of $150 and my ROI in it was 189% in 26 starts. I'm not saying I'm going to play them now, but $150 is less than 2% of my BR at that point.
  6. Thank you for the extremely helpful post. Since I am asking for advice about how to start over, I didn't really think it belonged in the BBF.
  7. All,I just wanted to get some advice, as I am starting my online poker career over. I'll give a little bit of background. I have played for over 12 years and was playing stud online as far back as 1999 (Paradise Poker - home of the eternal disconnect). In June I decided to really get my game back together and try to make some money playing online. Over the years, I have made probably $3-4K, but could never seem to really get on a roll. I would then get bored and take my BR out and start over months later.In June I deposited and started playing MTT and some small $10 SnG. The SnG did not
  8. To answer everyone's question, I thought about it for a minute and then called. He turned over AA and it held up. I'm guessing that I just ran into the one good hand that he actually had. He just had the appearance of someone who was trying to run over the table (gold chains, pinkie rings, long straggly hair - he looked like a gambler you would see in a movie) and I highly doubt his cards were running that hot. In any case, I couldn't see how I fold here, I just wanted to know if anyone else had a different opinion.
  9. I guess I was wondering if there would be any excuse here for not calling.
  10. This was a live $60+$15 tourney that had played about 20 hands.The Hero had completed the SB once and then folded the flop and folded the BB after the flop.The Villain had been playing roughly 50% of the hands, with lots of bets and raises that looked like steals.Blinds are 25/50Button Villian (t3200)BB Hero (t1800)Preflop: Hero is BB with AQs (spades)All fold to villain (button), villain raises to 150, hero calls.Flop: (t325) 5s, 7h, Qc (2 players)Hero checks, Villain bets t250, Hero raises to t750, Villain pushes all-in.Pot is t2,225Hero has t900 leftWhat would you do here?
  11. Thank you to everyone for helping me the with posting etiquette, I should have known better. I have the following situation that I would like to get some opinions on in a .50 NL game. The villain had been sitting at my table for about 50 hands, on my immediate right, and had been playing pretty solidly. He was trying to steal rather frequently from the button and small blind. (VP$IP = 18.75, TA A, attempted to steal 55.56%, PFR% = 17.50). He attempted again from the SB and I called with A,3 clubs, flopped 2,4,5 and busted his queens. He steamed for a couple more hands and then the follow
  12. Then I run into Mr. Psycho (VP$IP = 57.81 over 64 hands LA A). Punish them with good hands right??FullTiltPoker Game #4812145754: Table Streamer - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 19:44:03 ET - 2008/01/10Seat 1: PaidHax0r ($64.75)Seat 2: funti_longtrunk ($97)Seat 3: kkbaron ($44)Seat 4: ronyrrr ($55.60), is sitting outSeat 5: tore666 ($19.25)Seat 6: yogman111 ($8.50)Seat 7: Palomar ($88.20)Seat 8: WARBill1 ($23.25)Seat 9: Wired King ($51.45)tore666 posts the small blind of $0.25yogman111 posts the big blind of $0.50The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to PaidHax0r [Ah Ac]Palomar ra
  13. Then for good measure I got hit with this beauty 4 hands later.FullTiltPoker Game #4811279403: Table Streamer - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:26:30 ET - 2008/01/10Seat 1: PaidHax0r ($68.60)Seat 2: jukezu ($15.35)Seat 3: Davidmb88 ($22.90)Seat 4: yogman111 ($9.25)Seat 5: dirty-muffs ($16.45)Seat 6: Ajd5197 ($50)Seat 7: DuplexFund ($48.50)Seat 8: raggles ($30.80)Seat 9: iei93 ($49.25)PaidHax0r posts the small blind of $0.25jukezu posts the big blind of $0.50The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to PaidHax0r [9d 6d]Davidmb88 foldsyogman111 foldsdirty-muffs foldsAjd5197 has 15 seco
  14. I want to start this by thanking everyone on here. I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks as I am new to FT. I will start this by saying that I generally play 1/2 NL on two other sites, but have decided not to do that here b/c I am only depositing $600 to get the full bonus. That being said, I think I am having a difficult time adjusting to the play at this limit. I'm getting my money in good and taking some really bad beats and then I'm making mistakes not being able to put someone on a hand. I'll give you the case in point.I've been playing at a table with the the villain for a
  15. I played in a S Satellite for one of the FTOPS events and I don't think I will be able to play the satellite. Does anyone know how I get the credit for the satellite seat that I won?Thank you
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