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  1. I'm pretty sure they are back in 5. Can't wait for more golden strategy from Hellmuth.
  2. Rose's link from a few days ago works pretty nicely for me:http://atdhenet.tv/37598/watch-world-serie...-event--part-i-
  3. Could definitely have been Mike's. I only just beat the formidable player 4. Brandon nailed that Treble 17 many many times.
  4. Brian's didn't exist. Mickey's (I think?) was decent. The dart machine was so buggy it gave us a free game of cricket in which player 4 (which was me deliberately missing) managed to almost win the game somehow.The pool table available was sans cue ball. Some dude at the bar said he would sort it out for us then promptly walked out of the bar and vanished into the night, never to be seen again.
  5. Utter bs.I've had short(er) hair for over 2 years now.
  6. Playing the Stars Majors and watching classic comedy horror movies.Probably last poker for a month
  7. Playing event 28 then off for a month in a car around the Western US and briefly Canada.
  8. Reminder for Bob and maybe a couple of others that it's the Quarterly $1 mill Supernova freeroll today in 4 hrs 30.
  9. I hear skully92 is going to be in Vegas for a few days in June. Not sure when
  10. Probably one of the most epic bluffs I've ever seen by the COFeral Cow Poker Hand ConverterPokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($200+$15) t30/t60 - 6 playersUTG+1: t13,254 CO: t12,810 Button: t6,685 (Hero)SB: t9,626 BB: t14,092 UTG: t3,183 Preflop: (t90) Hero is Button with (6 players)UTG folds, UTG+1 raises to t180, CO calls t180, Hero folds, SB calls t150, BB foldsFlop: (t600) (3 players)SB checks, UTG+1 bets t240, CO calls t240, SB calls t240Turn: (t1,320) (3 players)SB checks, UTG+1 bets t180, CO calls t180, SB calls t180River: (t1,860) (3 players)SB checks, UTG+1 bets t480, CO raises to
  11. Also gg $12/36 180s. We now have $5.50 10 minute level 180s and a huge range of turbo 180s buyins ($3.32, 5.43, 10.85, 21.70, 32.55, 54.04) which aren't filling. All of these seem to have adopted the newer slightly slower structure (with 20/40, 30/60 levels). The changes have also affected STTs, 18s , 45s.
  12. They are wonderful.On a semi related note looks like Stars just changed the structures and buy ins for pretty much all sngs
  13. That promo is awesome. Also, last ever turbo takedown this Sundayhttp://www.pokerstars.eu/poker/promotions/turbo/
  14. Not that it was anything of a worry at this point but the other cashout is now in my bank account.
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