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  1. Just 1 tabled this for 6 hours and got 9th for 2.4k :/First ever FT of a major!
  2. Cashed mill for first time in a while, just busted though.237/279 in the Bigger 55.
  3. Binked KJ > AJ on J42 last hand before break. 23k. Crappy session otherwise 17/309 in the $5.50 turbo and 41/61 in the galfond thing
  4. Phil Galfond has set up a charity tournament today. By signing up you agree to send half any cash you make to him which he'll send on.#525144041p/w : donatetoLLS19:00 Western Europe (15:00 EST today I think)http://www.philgalfond.com/lls/Loada nice looking extra prizes if you go deep.
  5. Urgh everything is an hour earlier for a week or two.In mill + other big + hot stuff.
  6. Didn't last long in the mill. Fairly successful days grind though.1 tabling the $1R 3x turbo.
  7. Nearly won a seat in the $11 sattie to Mill so will be forced to play. Also 1/31 in a $5.10 6 max hyper
  8. Swingy day of sattie grinding so far:Just ITM in the Kickoff 104/234.
  9. Meh 83rd AQ > 88, TT < A8 KT < AK to bust.
  10. ~20/2001 tabling for a while now so several glasses of wine deep.
  11. ~15/600 in the Storm IIFun tournament to go deep in.
  12. Sigh 11th in the 27.50185k at 1.5/3 in the Storm, 75/2700 or so
  13. Played some mtts today. Left with:9/22 in $27.50 360 cap41k in Storm #2 near bubbleSome shitty stack in bigger 55
  14. 16 tabled terribly and somehow came away with $2.44 in profit.
  15. Oops just realised this is happening about now. Almost slept through it. Gonna try some 25PLO.
  16. Very hard to multi-table these ante up satties. Fun format though. Prob in that and the LHE later.
  17. Cashed it for $500 and a bit. Playing the PLO now and prob gonna play the hyper later on
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