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  1. There are five other players at the table who each win $10,000 and a total of $320,000 for the VPPs they have earned. The total prize money awarded at the Mega Milestone table is therefore $590,000, leaving $410,000 for the Stake Share.

    The total amount of VPPs earned towards milestone hands at $1/$2 NLHE comes to 205,000, meaning each VPP earned is worth $2. Your 60 VPPs are therefore worth an additional $120 of Stake Share.

    This means the total number of VPPs earned over the last 7 days? If so I don't think spread limiting actually increases your equity, I may be missing something though.

  2. Here's the calc numbers for this hand specifically.




    And here's the Payouts:

    1 - 21,450

    2 - 13,475

    3 - 9,350

    4 - 7,150

    5 - 5,500

    6 - 4,070

    7 - 2,970


    But I'm also interested in general thoughts on how/when and why we're using ICM to evaluate play/make decisions


    It should almost always be a large part of your decision at a final table of an MTT. On SnG bubbles its an even bigger factor.

  3. Cobalt, is that copied from Highway's post? He said that he typed something in wrong when doing the calculation.


    After thinking it about it, I definitely agree w/ kobe2odom8 who says this is a pretty easy jam. SB can call and we are almost always ahead of his 2bb range obv, and it we are forcing BB to wake up w/ a hand and he can call worse a decent amount of the time.


    so ya, slug it in!!!!


    Edited the screenshot too. This should reflect reality.

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