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  1. if you're still bitter about FTOPS 1 I'd suggest a different line of work.ggs
  2. I'll give you really good odds on that bet Rose, we'll use a neutral committee to judge.
  3. lol not in for $5, I'll do $25 min, preferrably $50
  4. go Jason Mercier (see what I did there? I'm a guy and he's a guy so I bolded his name to show that he's still in and I'm cheering for him b/c we both happened to win a flip)
  5. Any chance I can get a little +?And no, I haven't been on!
  6. And with a little good behavior it might not even be that long!
  7. About time, congrats Dink! Even though we only met very briefly in Vegas, you were one of the coolest people I met.
  8. Once you start having a little success, invest in this:Coaching
  9. It'd be really easy for this to turn into buying a chip set.
  10. My favorite 3 teams all got top 3 this week, so that was nice! Really can't stand most of the teams behind them though.
  11. Yeah, stop trying to angleshoot Dixie.
  12. I know iggy is a mod/active poster at 2p2 and won a bracelet recently. ChuckSty is also still around playing MTTs, I always have him at my tables.
  13. Myplayisrab (although I know there was controversy with him and bkice, I thinkkk that might've been cleared up?)BeaverstyleDoinSublimePMJackson21conor_mwBizzleTB17
  14. Poker Addict (although he probably just died from old age, not very exciting)copernicusPaul BrevardswolyswoND
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