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  1. Anyone who commented on my terminology, i have to say GET A LIFE... as if you didnt know what i meant???You remind me of high school dorks "muuahh he said raise instead of bet *snort snorrtt*Anyone else i am grateful for comments, also it has put it into perspective that Aces against kings and jacks isnt far off pocket deuces going up against K J, you are still avoiding a K or a J
  2. oi i was experimenting with font sizes!!!And yeah its true this happened today on ladbrokes, i have the hands replayed on poker office.I put it down to a sick day
  3. Thanks for Taking a look at my post, I have recently played a $2000 tournement, and im not sure where i stand with my cards anymore, may i just list a few goings on from my point of view in this tournement on an online poker siteAll of my hands have been stored on my computer to back up the events actually happenedThe first significant hand was Aces, I had been playing tight as the blinds were very small in relation to my stack, untill i was dealt aces, I raised 4 times the blind and then two players went all in after that, i obviously called to see one player had JJ and the other had KK. I th
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