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  1. 2 plus 2 thread link: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/haralabob-blog-almost-bought-into-ftp-details-lindgrens-debts-talks-negreanus-loyalty-1255472/
  2. DN won't post on 2 plus 2 anymore so I thought it might be interesting to get his take here. http://aloneinthecorner.com/post/33285032029/heroes-and-villains-in-poker
  3. Thank you sir, do you have a link to the post? How long did it take you to find that? I looked for half hour and just got pissed.
  4. Thank you for adding something of relevance to this. You're exactly right on the post. I just couldn't find it ANYWHERE when I searched. I thought the funny thing was that he did put Hellmuth way at the bottom. Most people (including 2plus2) would not have guessed this.
  5. The thread isn't actually about richest players or whatever, as Keith said, it's actually about finding a post that DN made (maybe the thread title could be listed better.) A huge thread is going on at 2plus2 about players finances w/o much input from actual pro's. DN actually commented on this, and I think his comments would add value to the conversation. That is all.
  6. Good thing you took the time to make this reply then... Broj
  7. Thx for the helpful replies you two, things are stayin busy around here... huh?
  8. I know this has been beaten to death, but 2plus2 has a thread going on about this. I seem to remember DN once commenting on high profile players such as Hellmuth, himself, Ivey, Dwan, etc. I think he said something like that Hellmuth isn't worth nearly as much as what people think and he did a ranking of what he suspected for like 5 or so players including Dwan, himself and Hellmuth. I was trying to search for it and couldn't find it. Does anyone else remember that thread? I was going to link it on 2plus2 b/c I thought it was pretty insightful since it was actually from DN. This is the o
  9. So what did Seidel's value end up being at your draft DN?
  10. Eric Seidel... Wish I could have his 2011 luck for one day of my life... unreal stuff.
  11. Does RPM have more sng traffic than Carbon? I for one, am about fed up with Carbon and having to wait f'n 25 minutes for a normal turbo six man sng to fill. Their Super Turbos fill all the time which is ghey. If not RPM, who else can fill the void? Last night I got so f'n tired of waiting that I got into a hu nlhe cash game and donk'd half my f'n roll away... fml.
  12. Bob, what makes you believe that they don't have the money? Not saying your wrong by any means, in fact, I think your probly right... Just wondering. Thx
  13. As always, thx Bob.Pretty lol if that is exactly the case about UB/AP if they actually don't have the $$$ b/c they used it on their own. Anyone that ever stood up for that disaster of a company should feel pretty good about themselves.Not to mention, if true, something like this probably NEEDED to happen to get un-reputable sites like that out of the industry and have some kind of proper regulation before more people got "taken".
  14. And... even though it sounds like FTP is maybe finally getting their sh.t in order, it still doesn't explain why they couldn't do it at the same time Starz did? I mean, are they negotiating with the DOJ and if so, what is there really to negotiate about giving players their rightfully earned money back? It really just doesn't make any sense at all to me.
  15. But wouldn't you think that DOJ would kind of insist on the sites giving money back to players for tax reasons? I just don't understand how they could NOT give money back and not be completely done as a company in the future. Wouldn't authorities go after them for that specific purpose? I mean, this should be pretty telling imho for foreign people that still have money on those 2 sites.
  16. I have been reading some of the blogs/twitters lately. I was fortunate enough to have all of my online $ at Starz so have gotten all of it plus FPP $ back. Why is it that the other sites aren't able to do the same? How would DOJ ruling make it so Starz is fine and others are waiting. I remember Dwan saying at the start that he put a value on each dollar at FTP/Starz at like $.94 whereas AP/UB only at like 40 cents. Well, looks like he might have been right on 3/4 of his statement. Just wondered if any of you that pay more attention to this than me could explain. Thanks.
  17. Lol, I know, it's just funny, it seems like the play/ers are really not good. It probly has something to do with the stakes too. I usually play 25 dollar six man nlhe turbos. I'm playing 5 dollars now on carbon. I just won 2 more. With 10 in, my roi is now 170%. Time to quit my day job! YAHTZEE!
  18. Wow, maybe this isn't such a bad deal lol, 140% roi must be sustainable right? Are the players on here that bad normally or am I just benefiting from the poker gods right now for my prior f.ck jobs on starz? Directory Advanced SearchUsername Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter PlzCoolerMe 8 $7 $4 140% $55 - 76 Merge SNG Only Carbon Poker x
  19. I just put 50 bucks on e-wallet and deposited it to Carbon poker. I also used the http://rakeback.rakerobber.com/ for rakeback. How do I know that I am getting rakeback to work?
  20. Not sure if starz is letting players transfer funds or not, but, if so... Would anyone be comfortable trading Starz $ for Carbon $?
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