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  1. Looks good QED. How close to 25NL? I keep telling people this, but seriously, 25NL is much softer than 10NL.
  2. Started playing again this month. Eh, a little bit of a roller coaster action going on there. (50NL)
  3. This thread is still alive?I thought you'd all be busto!I kid. I kid.
  4. Seriously, this is a good reason why you should move up.
  5. Never fear, Syntonic is here.mbn to get kings all the time.Hand 1: Yeah I've played against that guy in 50 and 25NL...maybe 100 too. I think I'm ok with it. He probably got weird with 89 suited. I think I prefer b/f to c/c but meh.Hand 2: ul to 6s fullPulled all nighter. I want to die.
  6. Button ($146.20)SB ($113.60)BB ($194.25)UTG ($117.05)MP ($114.70)Hero (CO) ($106.75)Preflop: Hero is CO with 7, 72 folds, Hero bets $3, Button calls $3, 2 foldsFlop: ($7.50) 9, 5, 4(2 players)Hero bets $5, Button calls $5Turn: ($17.50) K(2 players)Hero bets $11, Button calls $11River: ($39.50) A(2 players)Hero bets $22, Button raises to $56, Hero foldsVillain is 32/15 over 95 hands. Anyone hate/like this?
  7. Villain is 20/19 over 1200 handsI bet into him because I have top pair lol. What do you want me to do? C/C forever? The original raiser could easy bet AK/AQ/KQ here - what do I do when one of those cards rolls off? Hell, he could check behind on the flop and he hits a free shot to hit an overcard. I think calling c/c OOP here is so weak. I would rather just c/f.On the turn I put him on air (floated on the flop), so AJ,AQ, etc. or a middle pair: 9s, 7s, etc. My intention was to c/f the river. What do you do? Fold preflop? I think better here is best. Checking is just being passive and I think y
  8. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (5 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comHero (BB) ($113.10)UTG ($108.65)MP ($151.35)Button ($98.50)SB ($145.65)Preflop: Hero is BB with 9, 10UTG bets $3.50, 1 fold, Button calls $3.50, SB calls $3, Hero calls $2.50Flop: ($14) 3, 10, 2(4 players)SB checks, Hero bets $8, UTG calls $8, 2 foldsTurn: ($30) 8(2 players)Hero checks, UTG bets $17, Hero calls $17River: ($64) 4(2 players)Hero checks, UTG checks
  9. Can I paint a picture for everyone?Trystero saying exactly what he wrote, white background, Apple-commercial-esque music playing. He finishes, it immediately cuts away to the black letters: HEM. Genius right? Genius.
  10. It's now officially April for me! Finally, no more coolers!AA < KKAA < AKWorst April fools joke.
  11. @James. I don't really like it. I would prefer if you bet the flop (expect one person to call) and the turn is a good card to fire away again. As played I think the guy has a 9 and he's probably not going to fold because of the A on board. I'm assuming he's not a nit. If he is, then I'm more OK with the river bluff.
  12. I didn't play much this month due to school and whatnot.The huge downswing is a bunch of consecutive cooler hands. Flop sets, lose, cry, repeat.I think most of this is 100NL
  13. I don't think that is a good fold. Were you betting with intention of folding to a raise? I c/c here at least.Anyone raise this preflop? It's been awhile since I've played FR.
  14. True true. I probably would have preferred to have QJs or something.
  15. I think you're right about this. Flatting is hugely villain dependent and generally not a good idea. Yes, sometimes it is better to be vulnerable. By optimal I mean: cannot be exploited. But, I don't really understand your second sentence - I'm fully aware that I can be taken advantage of when playing sub-optimally. You have to play sub-optimally if you want to take advantage of uber aggressive players. i.e. you have to call them down more.I'm certainly not trying to make this results oriented, but he showed up with J7s. I only say that to people who are giving him too much credit. This is 6m
  16. Pssh no way.Let's agree to call it mathematics. It sounds formal and cool.Besides, maths is silly.
  17. Only have 80 hands on him. 100% cbet. Why do you assume he has TT+? He can't have J10, J9, A10, A9, etc.? I also think every pocket pair is in his range. He's 3-betting as much as people open raise.I don't know exactly what boards I would be C/Ring on. In my mind, I figured he would fold if I 4bet him preflop - I just felt like 8s are way ahead of his raising range and if he has a monster, then so be it. I was pretty much ready to hold on to my pair. I would probably C/R a safe looking board to just take it down on the flop, and if an overcard hit, I was going to C/C.Edit: Yeah, I think most p
  18. What's the line, then? 4bet and get it in?Seems kind of meh, but maybe I'm wrong.
  19. I wasn't set mining. I know this guys range is huge. My plan was to C/R or C/C depending on the flop.I dunno, is it bad to let aggressive guys guy fire away in position?I has a pair. I ain't scurred.
  20. Villain is LAG. His 3bet frequency was like 19. Anyone prefer to 4bet preflop?Hero (CO) ($100)Button ($100)SB ($105.20)BB ($89.90)UTG ($126.75)MP ($198)Preflop: Hero is CO with 8, 82 folds, Hero bets $3, Button raises to $10, 2 folds, Hero calls $7Flop: ($21.50) 6, 6, 8(2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $11, Hero calls $11Turn: ($43.50) 10(2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $18, Hero calls $18River: ($79.50) 9(2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $61 (All-In), Hero calls $61 (All-In)Total pot: $201.50 | Rake: $3
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