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  1. You know what made me laugh is your wonderful adviceThanks for nothingas for everybody else thank you so much I appreciate it
  2. I've been playing in free games for a while now honing my craft, and have entertained the idea of entering in some money games. Well I've saved up $100, and have thought about entering the micro stakes games on pokerstars preferrably the 0.01/0.02 NL hold em games.I was told by a fellow poker player That if I entered in anything lower than $3/$6 games, that i would be wasting my time. I'm confused cause I've never played money games before. I definitely don't think with starting bankroll of $100 that playing $3/$6 blinds would be smart. Where would be a good place to start? any advice would be
  3. Well after reading my reply's I want you all to know that first of all. If I come across cocky I really don't aim to be. Believe it or not I found some of your all's advice quite usfull no matter how harsh it may have come across. I'm just a cat who loves the game, that's all. I will say however there is nothing wrong with playing exclusively anywhere, and second of all don't trip kylestheman is just a screen name not my alter ego, but I hey I'm humble enough to be corrected If anything I've said doesn't make sense then I'm clearly in the wrong. Sorry to all, until then so you on the felt.
  4. I play on FCP exclusively I've been cutting my chops, and tighting my game in the play money rooms soon to play real money rooms. One big gripe I have lately is these players who come in the rooms, and shove all in every stinking hand (especially after they've built a play money bank roll of 100k or more) with no deliberate aim to actually play poker. Some call it bingo poker. I have nothing wrong with playing against aggressive players, however if you can't play real money games the way you play the play money you shouldn't play that way at all. For one thing the only reason these players do
  5. O.k. first of all I think it is really kewl that my favorite poker player Daniel Negreanu is a Christian. I am a very devout Christian myself, and foud exremely fascinating when I read Daniel's article in relevant magazine. Now I player poker exclusively on FCP. Now that I've gotten that out of the way. I really want to respond to this topic in the most sensative manner possible.We as Christians are called to love one another the way Christ did unconditionally. Jesus the two greatest commandments are Love the Lord your God, and Love your neighbor (which means anyone in humanity). I love Homose
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