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  1. i guess ill do this thing. royal vegas has horrible software but they have a lot of these nice promotional freerolls
  2. oh man, i just got done with an unbelievable buy in on pokerstars. sadly i lost the $50 i put in. let me tell you how it went.i get the money in and play some low limit NL holdem until im up to around $110. i start going back and forth between $90 and $130 and then finally i got it to $155. then i started playing at too high of stakes and went on a downward spiral to $2. thats right $2 left. a few bad decisions, a little bad luck and im down to $2. so one night i say what the hell and put the last of my money in a $2 buy in tourny. 1800 people. and because i am quite simply THE MAN, i trippled
  3. well you were drawing dead to the 9-10 im afriad. its the best hand in poker. but other than that your problem is that when you start losing you kept playing at your normal stakes and mabey even higher than your normal stakes. if you get on a bad run, drop down a level. i know because thats how i lost my last buy in, by losing money and playing higher stakes to try and get it back.
  4. if you want to know about archetypes listen to this songwww.purevolume.com/mad
  5. 9-10 suited is the best hand in poker. 9-10 offsuit is one of the best hands in poker. id put it behind AA and KK. if you have 9-10 you are a favorite to win trust me. only if you have faith in it though. for all those who think im just kidding, 9-10 suited has a better chance of beating aces than any other hand. thats a fact.one time i had pocket aces and lost to 2 pair on the flop. what did the other person have? 9-10. last night i lost with kings to 9-10. i was playing some pretty high stakes hold em one night and hadnt gotten any hands. but alas, i look down at my cards and see 9-10. i say
  6. ah, i did call and he had pocket 4s. trips. a 9 came on the turn giving him the boat and i missed the few outs i had left. i was wondering if i should have checked the flop so i wasnt as pot commited but it wouldve been hard to fold my hand.
  7. im playing in a 25-50 cent no limit holdem home game. very loose table lots of action on every hand so its more like a 50-1 game. lots of bad players and a few good players. i get pocket aces in the big blind. im up about $50 on top of my $20 buy in.first to act raises $2 on top of the blind, not a big raise.to my suprise it gets around to me without any callers. i reraise $5.the guy who raised looks a little worried, sits there and thinks for a few seconds. i hadnt ever played with him before so i really didnt have much of a read on him. he calls and the flop is 7c 4c 9c. i have the ace of cl
  8. uh ok toogood says that low limit holdem is not poker. smasharoo says that low limit NL holdem is not poker. that pretty much makes both of you idiots. NL players always say that NL takes more skill and limit players always say that limit takes more skill.
  9. thanks man, im no expert but everything you said sounds like good stratagy to me. keep it up.
  10. to ChaoPlayaz, when you play with your freinds at the same table and are not colluding, you tend to show down a few hands against your freinds. These guys were never both in when it came time to flip the cards. also, it wasnt really the bad beats that made me want to bust these people it was this: sith2 said, "i sleep with ya mum don"sith2 said, "shes a great fk"fair enough? this is the kind of stuff that makes me pay attention to what they were doing, along with the bad beats. and from that i saw what was going on. the fact is, if these two didnt have their locations saying the same place i
  11. well im not saying it was the same person running 2 accounts. it was probly some guy and his freind talking to each other on instant messenger and telling each other what hand they had.
  12. Who do they think they're messing with? No one pulls this on Don Giovanni.Thats right, i caught some punks colluding at a short handed $.50-$1 limit holdem table i was at. Anyone can get away with collusion, as long as you dont .... anyone off. Well they ....ed me off. I had already taken a few bad beats so i wasnt in a good mood. Then this hand happens...Table 'Seppina' Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: dag01220 ($18.25 in chips) Seat 2: Don Giovanni ($5.75 in chips) Seat 3: chopjohnb ($34.50 in chips) Seat 4: Dick_Clapper ($16.50 in chips) Seat 6: sith2 ($61.75 in chips) Don Giovanni: posts small
  13. haha you guys got me, at least some of you did. pretty funny your reponses to this. just thought it would be a funny way to enter these forums. come on, i wouldnt fold that hand haha. i reraised that poor man like no other.
  14. heres a hand from pokerstars i was wondering aboutits 10-25 cent pot limit holdem*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Don Giovanni [7h 7s]Don Giovanni: raises $0.60 to $0.85drewunc: folds Bcareless: calls $0.75Jack Bishop: folds *** FLOP *** [7d Kc Ks]Bcareless: checks Don Giovanni: checks *** TURN *** [7d Kc Ks] [3h]Bcareless: bets $0.50Don Giovanni: foldsi folded cause i had a pretty good read on this guy that told me he had a K3.im thinking i shouldve bet on the flop so he wouldnt have caught the higher full house. and he never showed his hand even though i asked him too. selfish punk.
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