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  1. It's neither, it's the law of numbers and that catch all phrase. That's Poker. I had the weekend of my life this past weekend, raking in almost 785,000 at local cash games. Now the other night in a local neighborhood game for $5 buy in and 40 chips winner take all I got my rear booted all night long. The cards will come and go the only thing is will you still be around when the good ones start coming to you. I was playing very aggressive the other night but not getting my normal cards and I got my rear handed to me. The difference between the pros and ams is the ability to hold out for t
  2. Daniel, Hey this is Bryan, please give me a call . In case you don't remember that's Baton Rouge, La and Tunica.Ole Coyote.I'll hit you on your cell this week.
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