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  1. from my experience it's the other way around... what casino are you playing at? it's donk central if you open raise to $12 on a 1/2 table & get 6 callers... every, single, time... then you see people making plays like "well, it (my 9 2) really IS suited... sooooooo i guess i can call $35 of my last $52 looking for nothing but diamonds"you shouldn't go there ever again if that's the case... not unless you wanna get WORSE @ this game...IMOpeople online = like 10x more aggressive than people live... more to the flop / more betting / calling being done... maybe it's me....
    Honestly, I don't mind games where people made bad calls, putting their money in in bad spots, etc. Sure you're going to get sucked out on more but you stand to make a whole lot of money if you're patient. If people are interested in giving me their money who am I to deny them that right? This is America after all (don't let the terrorists win!).
  2. Good position helps a lot of ways.
    • If we call in early position with a suited connector, it's more likely that someone will raise after we act. This may be too much for us to pay for a flop.
    • We can choose to check behind on the flops when our opponents try to check-raise.
    • If it's checked around on the flop, we can sometimes steal even without outs.
    • After our draw hits, it's much easier to get paid in position. If our opponents check to us, then they don't know if we're just betting into weakness or if we have the goods. If our opponents bet into us, then we're already getting paid.
    • If it turns out we didn't have the best draw, we can sometimes escape without getting stacked by watching the action in front of us.

    Yes, this is all true. Poker is a game of information and the more information you get the better your decisions will be. Position gives you that information because you can see how your opponents react to the flop/turn/river. Using that information you can make your plays with that added information to give you an advantage.I think you miss the point of position because you aren't considering what your opponents holdings are. For you its "did I hit the flush/straight/set or not" and that determines your decision from then on out. That's fine for beginning players, but if you play these hands like that then you should avoid playing these hands. Like some of the other posters said, good players can play these speculative hands like small pairs and suited connectors because they are able to put their opponents on a good range of hands and act accordingly. This is especially true of playing suited trash like jack rag, queen rag, and many of the king rag and ace rag hands. Sometimes you don't hit your flush, but you flop a pair, and good players will be able to read a situation and determine if their pair is good or not. Or other times you flop nothing at David N said above, but you know your opponent probably has nothing and with position you can take it away from them. Until you get to that point though where you can start to think about what others have and use position correctly I think you should avoid playing the speculative hands except in easy situations.
  3. It's fairly close in my opinion.
    Board: 2s 3c 5dDead:  	equity 	win 	tie 		  pots won 	pots tied	Hand 0: 	34.059%	  32.98% 	01.08% 			172404 		 5628.00   { AJs, AJo }Hand 1: 	65.941%	  64.86% 	01.08% 			339060 		 5628.00   { JJ-66 }

    We have to invest another 260. The pot will end up being about 700, so we break even with a win percentage of 260/700 = 37%. So if the villain really folds here sometimes, then a shove is better than a fold. The problem is that this is going to look like a really good flop for a hand like TT, and I suspect he's going to look us up most of the time.If we're going to flat call, I think we should consider betting any paint on the turn.

    What happens if we include 44 and 55 in the range? Is he too tight to call with those? I'll assume he's too tight to call with 22 or 33 (is he?). Have you shown down some bluffs that he's seen? Is he a smart tight player or weak? Obviously all of these things affect our decision. I'm on the fence with this one because I think its read based. When you play with tight old guys they don't all fall into the same category. Some are tight preflop and tight postflop, so they're easily bluffable. Some are tight preflop, but very loose postflop (they waited so long for that big hand, they aren't letting it go, or they have an overpair, it has to be good). My decision would hinge on which type I thought this guy was and what I thought his idea of me was. If I didn't have that information I would default to a fold.
  4. What reasonable hand does he have here that draws out on me? other than x946 is only hand on flop really to draw with and thats pretty unlikely in his hand after preflop action.
    What else could he have? Hell, even if he had a gut shot that got there. If he was calling on the flop and turn with a hand you now beat on the river why would he all of a sudden push when the 9 hit? Isn't he calling because he thinks he has the best hand and you're bluffing with ak or some other nonsense? His line just doesn't make sense for a bluff. In fact, it looks to me like he has a straight, perhaps a boat. Yes people sometimes float the flop and turn looking for scare cards to represent, but calling hoping the board pairs doesn't make sense. He called a dry flop, a turn that only completed one hand, and now pushes the river? Unless he's an idiot who all of a sudden changed his game plan in the middle of the hand, this isn't a bluff. If I had a read that this guy was a superdonk I can't see calling here.
  5. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (8 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)BB ($23.95)UTG ($66.50)Hero ($55.55)MP1 ($47.70)MP2 ($50)CO ($56.45)Button ($53.30)SB ($65.90)Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with K :) , K :D . UTG calls $0.50, Hero raises to $2.5, 4 folds, SB calls $2.25, 1 fold, UTG calls $2.Flop: ($8) 9 :D , 3 :) , 5 :club:(3 players)SB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets $4, SB folds, UTG calls $4.Turn: ($16) 7 :D(2 players)UTG checks, Hero bets $8, UTG calls $8.River: ($32) 9 :D(2 players)UTG bets $52 (All-In), Hero ?What can he have here? And how often is river shove a bluff?My bets are too small I know some will say.
    This isn't a bluff often enough to make this call profitable. Every reasonable hand drew out on you. I think you have to dump this.
  6. Partypoker $0.10/0.25 Blinds - 6 playersUTG $18.35BB $17.80Hero MP $33.22Hero holds K :D K :D UTG raises to $1, Hero raises to $3.75, BB calls $3.75, UTG calls $2.75Pot: $11.60Flop: 4 :club: 6 :D K :D BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets $7Thoughts on play so far please? Is this follow up bet too much considering the strength of the hand or was it justified with 2 players calling a large re-raise?
    Seems standard to me.
  7. A new $1/2 NL table opens at my local B&M and no sooner before all ten players grab there seats does the deck hit me in the face. In the initial 15 hands I flop 3 sets, turn quads once after flopping one of those sets, flop broadway and make two nut flushes. I get my stack from $100 to $300 and some change quickly. Now here's is where I think I make a good play but I'll let you decide. A young TAG is on the button and I can tell already he can play as he outplayed me post flop a few hands earlier, when he fired 3 barrels with 6 high and I folded the river. He has opened six times already and seemed frustrated by me set mining him a few hands earlier. He proceeded to make his opening raises $17 twice after that and when I ask why so much he said "Well, I can't make you fold that small pair for $12 yadda yadda......" So after 3 limpers (2 old guys who were weak tight and a young kid who I have no read on) I hear the young TAG yapping to his neighbor that he's probably gonna raise because it's his button as I look down at the 'ol Phil Hellmuth (2 black nines for those needing help). So, instead of raising, I limp (I'm in the hijack, 2 to his right by the way). He sure enough makes it $17 on the button and I immediately think his range is huuuuge. Before it gets back to me we get three callers, The BB and the two old men who don't look happy about it, but I can tell they just want to play a hand because this kid has been driving the price of poker up and I have taken down half the pots already. I think for like 10 seconds and shove. He thinks for like 30 seconds and finally says call. Now needless to say I didn't want action and thought we were racing before he asked me if I had a pair. I said "Yes" and he said, "Well then you're crushed" and showed KK. His stack size was roughly $100 as were the other limp/callers(they all folded) and I just was looking to pick up the pot right there. Is this totally donkish or was it worth the shot of picking up the $80 already splashed out there?
    I like the play, except for the fact that you said he was a good player. Good players say they will raise blind, check to see if they have a good hand and then do it. I do it all the time in my games. Make it sound like you're a raving maniac or that you're steaming and trap some poor fool. When a player willingly gives you information you have to ask why they did it. If he's an idiot then its obvious. But if he's a smart player then there's usually more than meets the eye.
  8. Thanks for the help pp24. You pretty much covered my comebacks. And the other guy's comment about 5/10NL players acting quickly and not fkcing around?...lol. are you serious? If you really ever played 5/10NL you would know that people generally take MUCH MORE time to make a decision when there is potentially thousands of dollars at risk. You guys can poke fun at me all you want about me playing freerolls. I will never play online for real money, that crap is freakin rigged. And seriously, I would be cleaning up at the WSOP right now, but recently lost 4 or 5 hands with KK in 2 weeks at the casino with no flop being higher than Q high. Then I lost a $1,000 pot with AA all-in preflop against KK and lose to a K on the river. Y'all are lucky I run like poop.
    You see, I want to take your points seriously (even though I don't agree necessarily) but then you go ahead and say stupid **** like this. If you want to have a discussion have a discussion. Don't turn it into a pissing contest, even if you feel like others are doing so. Let your play and your ideas speak for themselves. If people disagree, oh well.
  9. live 1 3 game last night.UTG $350-good player after the flop, gets involved in a lot of hands, makes the right decisions, but just took a sick river last hand for $250 potmp-donkey.175 stacked off to UTG half an hour ago, flop came 337 two spades, utg raise, donkey min reraise, utg push, got called 3rd spade hit the board, utg 88, donkey mucked.me-button-$-200-I rule. I have JJUTG raises to 10mp raises to 20button*me* callsUTG calls.Flop Qd 9h 3d pot $60UTG checksmp bets $20btn callsUTG callsTurn Jd pot $120UTG checksmp checksbtn-??So mp's got ak for sure. I really doubt they're diamonds. I think he's done w/ the hand. UTG looks interested, he's laggy and capable of having diamonds or k10. I've got 160ish behind.Whatcha do?Didn't re pop preflop as I was sure one of the two would have gone all the way, as had happened at the table in the last half hour and I wasn't interested in a flip. Flop maybe raise? Definitely not folding flop, but could have raised I guess. Now the ultra action set/straight/flush card hits and it's on me. hmmmmm......
    I bet 80-90. Commit yourself to the pot. If UTG is interested he will likely see one more for that price. He has no idea how strong you are likely, so he may even move you in thinking you're weaker than you are.
  10. Hey actually, I just figured out what the real underlying problem is with your entire game by listening to the way you guys suggest to play suited connectors. But this one will cost you. You're rich. Put a $100 in my pokerstars account and I'll tell you exactly what you need to do. When I make it to $10,000, I'll give you $1,000 back. How about that?
    please go away. seriously.
  11. Fire another one and see what develops imo. Not only do you have the nut-flush draw, but you also have a gutshot straight draw. Fire out $3. That might also be cheaper for you to see the river than if you checked and someone bet pot.
    I agree with this. Its unlikely you're getting a free card here, so might as well add some fold equity.
  12. one thing I don't like is that most raises will come close to setting UTG all in. If for some reason he does have a hand theres no way we could fold to a reraise by him. He started the hand with 60 minus 9 preflop and 15 on the river.
    That's true, and that would be another argument for just folding the hand. I think you messed up the hand by checking the flop/turn. Now you have to dump the hand unless you're willing to make the big play. in this hand folding > raising > calling.
  13. I think it's always good to remember that our edge isn't THAT big and that we don't win every hand, every night we play. Sat night I sat down with a guy who took $400 off me in $1/2 NL on Tues by outdrawing me in three consecutive hands. He gets up immediately and says, "I'm not staying. You outplayed me in every pot last time. I just got lucky." Sometimes the fish can be cagey, too.
    A frugal donkey!?!? I don't think it gets much scarier than that. :club:
  14. I think it depends on the PFR. Does he continuation bet like 100% of the time? If so then I go for the CRAI. If his cb tendencies are much less than 100% you can't risk give a free card. So I like the donk bet of about 40-60, hoping that someone check raises so you can get it in.

  15. I dont think I played this hand purely. Really. The only error I made (probably) was to enter the pot in the first place. But every decision after that is a new decision where you dont care about why you got there. I still cant believe it that this is what your comments are all about. 1) Dont enter the pot with Q72) You played that hand poorely3) Why are you still in there4) Raise flop...Unbelieveable, if this hand would have been posted from lets say Acid Knight or simo8ball or Zach or DavidNichoson or so, then I dont think, this would have been the answers.YES I KNOW, THEY WOULDNT HAVE PLAYED THAT SO PURELY....I think the comments would have been,"Hmm tough spot, I think hes has blablabla..."Really, just because someone has under 100 comments, this doesnt mean he is braindead...And something to the hand: I laid it down and he proudly showed me KJ... AND I THINK I lost the minimum, EVEN BY NOT RAISING THE FLOP ah I forgot I would have lost less if hadnt played that hand in the first playe I know...
    I understand the frustration. But the fact is this isn't one of those tough river decisions that just appeared out of no where. You got here because of earlier mistakes in the hand. Now, I understand why you made those mistakes, and at least you're thinking about it, but the above posters made their comments in order to help you correct some of that thinking. We're here to help. Anyways, on the river, you beat three hands that I can see - AA, KK, and AcKc. Based upon the 'read' that you supplied us, that he is a chronic slowplayer, you probably have to call. I know that I would with that read in that spot. However, in reading the results, your read was off, which happens. The hand he had wasn't in your range and the way he played it wasn't how you thought he would play it. Be careful next time making plays that are 90% read dependent. Use this hand as a learning point and it will probably help to tighten up some leaks in your game.
  16. I think if you're going to play the river like the UTG player is bluffing you have to raise. Your hand so far looks like aces full, kings full or JJ or QQ. So if the UTG is bluffing its to get you to lay down the QQ or JJ. He could be "bluffing" with 77 - 1010, in which case he is accidentally value betting his hand if you just call. Its a risking, read dependent play, but I think you have to raise if you are not folding the hand.

  17. I think by losing control in this hand we give the villian the opportunity to represent AK. Which is exactly what he did. The OP bet the flop then checked when the Ace hit. He played it like a scared PP and the villian took the lead and represented that scare card leaving us completely clueless as to where we are in the hand. He could very well have AK here but I think we now have to call him down because his range is so wide and a bluff is very possible here.
    I agree with Naismith here. I think by checking he allows the villian to bluff into him with a range of hands that would be done on the turn. Its a scary way to play it but I don't think the hero is getting paid by any hands he beats by betting the turn. As played though you have to call the river.
  18. How should you deal with it? In theory you should be happy when your opponents put their money in bad. In reality it sucks, but still, just remember that donkey's like this are why we make money in poker. Yeah, they win sometimes, and it seems like they win more than their fair share, but if you really kept track, in the long run, the luck will even out. Just keep doing what you're doing. Try to not let it affect you. It happens to all of us!

  19. Don't have too much more to contribute, as much has been already said. But, I have a hard time putting Dan on a hand here because of the quick calls. Would he just call so quickly with a set? Wouldn't he want to put in a raise somewhere by this time? The only hands that make sense are nut flush draws, perhaps even AsKs played in a weird way. AA wouldn't make sense because you would expect a bet or raise somewhere. So I'm really lost as to what Dan has, but it seems like his mostly likely hand is a nut flush draw of sorts. Anyone else think differently?And, if that is his most likey hand, would we then want to perhaps raise to push Dan out of the hand and buy outs?

  20. Insane? I don't think so. Look at the action. Preflop: Hero is MP with K, K. UTG calls $0.50, Hero raises to $2.5, 2 folds, SB calls $2.25, 1 fold, UTG calls $2.Flop: ($8) 9, 4, 4 (3 players)SB bets $0.5, UTG calls $0.50, Hero raises to $4, SB calls $3.50, UTG raises to $14.5, Hero folds, SB folds.UTG limped and then called a raise with two people giving action. AA re-pops PF hard. QQJJTT is well in his range here. He can call a raise, but doesn't want to push TT-QQ into a raiser and a calller and see an A or K on the flop; maybe even a Q. So he's assuming that he's looking up at an AQ/AK and a whatever. Flop comes safe for his QQ-TT pp, he initiates action, and then waits for the draws and big ace to make their blocker bets, and then he pounces.
    Limping with 1010-QQ UTG 6 max? I don't buy it.
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