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  1. Man, was this one page catchup some kinda wonderful.... Back a time I smuggled back a load of mexican V's after jumping ship from a cruise ship. Of course ole Beasney had to test drive one. Didnt much care for it. Kept wanting to chalk the end of it every shot or two.... Thats what they call a "think about it fer a spell" joke Whats new? Glad ya asked... Found a seventy two firebird esprit with a four hundred factory four speed the other day. Been sitting in the same spot for twenty years. A couple miles from the coumpound. Owned by
  2. Sadly, my following of the goinsonroundhere is limited these days to reading the last page, shaking my head, slurping a slug of booze, then relaying a bit of nonsense from my own pitiful existance.... BUT.... never fear.... I plan on retiring again in the near future and once again spending huge amounts of time between now and the coffin here once again Jesus, Im as hammered as a shark circiling marlin perkins.... damn beer anyway. Crown dont count As many dont care to know, I have a couple bikes. Fat boy cause the terminator rode one. A long, drawn
  3. Mexi has never owned a two seeta.... to my knowledge Wait... a z-car? Maybe he had one of those during the black school years... Hell, my head is a mite foggy from adding a couple shots tequila to each bottle of mikes lemonade since oh five hrs ago... Now im thinking no he didnt or ever has. final answer But I is sober enough to say that you have no idea what "big" means.... The small block you mentioned has to wind up tighter than a mexican rolex on meth to keep up with the big blocks at idle I love the f-car thr
  4. Fikked it I saw something that rattled then knog a couple days ago at the dvm. Cute asian gal, probably mid twenties. Hunded and ten max. Wearing a skin taught black dress After some light flirtation and paying for the tags on several rigs based in NV to avoid....anyway.... she got up from her perch behind the counter and turned around to grab the freshly printed stickers.... Woah. What the hell. Didnt expect that. She had some sort of "muffin top" goin that appeared to be a bicycle innertube all the way around the top of her hips. Right below that
  5. A while back some fellow made a similar doohicky... it was a composite stock that a ten twenty two dropped into. Difference was, his used a spring system that "assisted" the measely recoil of the rimfire. The funruiners did rule that thing a MG, got the list of buyers and made them all return the spring. Bunch of folks got stuck with a thousand stripper tip stock that the action just flopped around in I mean, yeah.... no doubt in that case. You would have to hold pressure on the action to stop the thing after it started running. Basically all the parts of an msixteen were present
  6. Its actually just a stock that goes onto one. Once ya pull the trigger, the gun recoils and due to your forward pressure on the handguard the gun slides forward an inch or so and causes your finger to pull the trigger again. Actually, the trigger comes forward and gets pulled by your fixed finger. Im sure theres a few hundred youboob uploads about the thing But yeah, ya want one I should have them whittled out around hatemas. No earlier than hatesgiving...
  7. Ronald, Ill admit I havent been around much of late but did you really just respond to shaky with, "100k", "50k", "30k", and last and even worse..... "insurance"???? Damn son.... you must be more hammered than I at this moment Good to converse with ya over bit and bytes and a screen, though. Hope you and yours are holding your own... Mines almost always in hand since the testosterone shots began
  8. Shake, Im in the process of CADing out some parts for an AR that you, or a couple others, around these parts might want. It all commenced during a trip to the worthington mountains a few weeks ago. There I was, mindin my own beer when the soothing sound of automatic gunfire erupted from the woods. Not one to lose out on a potential gunfight, I grabbed a hand cannon and staggered out to magnumpi the situation... Turns out a bunch of kids bought a stock that screws in the upper and makes it a "sliding bumpfire" doomaflauge. Worked quite well. Even looked like a well engineered and c
  9. somebody say beer? too smashed to read the details ya know.... Dont anyone get me wrong.... I loves me some "crafty" style beer. Ask the folks at the tripseven at main street.... they regularly ship containers of makers mark halfway across the country. On second thought dont ask. Not sure its legal But.... I really dont give a shit if Im not eating with it. Hell...gimme a pabst. Dont bet much that I wont drain it. Fact is....(black guy in insurance ad voice)... a bad beer just give me more insentive to get to the bottom faster Credit me with
  10. Ya know, I have been pondering about expanding a touch. The technology Ive been using for my own ill repute has suddenly taken on a life of its own.... For years I got by using a simple oxy/ace torch, grinder, and stick welder to make stuff for cars and the like. From there I added a MIG, TIG, and plasma to the mix. Wasnt long before CNC gathered my attention in the form of a war surplus Bridgeport Within the last two years has been the biggest jump.... thanks to cheap and high quality parts from.... ahem....china..... Ive built my own draw/load/hit start/stepper moto
  11. Similar story to fraus above but with a Beans twist: For the last few months Ive been forced to participate in a regularly scheduled "meeting" Nope, not the typical Icewater Mechanical kind. Instead of a vomity smelling tit bar where employees can either pass out or pony up funds for a cubic zercoina room visit to avoid my drunken ramblings, these bastards are held in an actual conference room with lights and everything. And the fellow hired to spew hours and hours of facts and figures at me and my fellow gooberment contractors ia as serious about it as a hog farti
  12. Like the circus circus security guard once said.... "Beans, youre like a baby in a hot car... never know just when.... but youll always show up around here and the results are usually just as tragic"
  13. Hi guys.... nah, unfortunately for the world at large Im still suckin up air.... I pulled one of my famous "screw its" and hid out for a while in a non-disclosed area of vegas. Ah hell it was a hangar in NLV like everybody and their palm tree didnt know it. Finished a custom bronco project that kicked my ass from here to Belize...oddly, the same place a guy is still waiting for me to appear from the mens room....(shakes head).... yeah, I was there and its still odd to me After I reappeared, a full blown month long gambling/drinking/getintofightswithtouriststhenbeforet
  14. Man.... that was a quick katchup Skimmed the last two and couldnt bring myself to go back any further.... All me needed right there Earlier in the week I was a-mindin my own bidness playing around in the machine shop when I made a minor earth shattering discovery. No, a six jaw metal lathe chuck feels nothing like a vagina..... even with generous amounts of tapping fluid. Please leave the basement once in a while fellers. Anyway...... (shakes head to remove the previous unpleasant thought)...... the project at hand was joining two pieces of me
  15. Quick popinwithnocontent post... File thisin under the, "Yeah.... probably never happened before and maybe never again but had to happen once to Beans" category As maybe one of you know, for a long time now I just spend currency thats twenties or greater. Any tens or lower get thrown into a cardboard box and stashed away for fun money. Over the years its supplied a few others that ran across it with my fun, so its migrated from just inside the shop door to a lesser know area but still within easy range for deposits... The galaga machine. No, not
  16. Hey.... wanna know the best part about the area? (looks around to see if anyone is listening) Its not the BS tourist/spa/shopping/Iwannafeellikeamillionbuckslikeeveryoneelsearoundherepretendingto stuff.... Beg, borrow, or steal a mode of transportation that includes a manual transmission with two doors. This time of year a sport bike would be perfect. Best days are Mondays. Tuesdays through Thursdays are also acceptable. Pack a cooler full of beer and a few miscellaneous food items and hang them off the back of the bike. If four wheels are chosen
  17. Yes yes yes I realize Im quite tardy on the follow up story conclusion thing. The hunnerds and hunnerds of calls, emails, texts, and planes flying banners over the compound is quite flattering. The hunger strikers among you is a mite disturbing though.... Im not sure refusing to eat veggies counts. Doubt if that one would work in the penal system, sir. Cudos for attempting it here, tho In other late breaking newz... I have lost a.... well....the most important piece of broadcast television memorabilia ever. Nope.... not some crap like archie bunkers ch
  18. I had the room spins so bad I woke up with curly hair... Luckily Ive had ample time to type up the conclusion. Unluckily it only includes what I recollect In other news, my Bday festivities were delayed this year due to unforseen circumstances. I couldnt attend... As usual I just show up. And provide the money. Food. Booze. Probably presents if I looked the fleet card statements over. Its usually at the warehouse but the bag let it slip the other day I wouldnt have to worry about structural problems from the indoor auto/moto/gocart/atv/forklift/wha
  19. So here I was sitting just a few short hours ago. Mindin me own bidness. Researching which late model nissan vsix blocks would fit in/hold up to big boost in a newly acquired z car....eighty six model....pristine including the pac man digital dash. Yeah, Im collecting all the rigs I couldnt have when I was a youngin. Shoot me. Anyhoo, I did something that I very seldom ever ever ever do. I answered the phone without paying attention to who it was.... "Yeah" "Beans?" "Ohhhhh.....uh....yeah?" "HeyImsupposedtotakethekidsovertoyadayadayadaforayadaya
  20. Yep. I didnt have to walk to school eight miles....uphill both directions of course.... have to chop wood, gather eggs, feed cattle, and shovel out the outhouse before leaving every morning. I had a ten year old truck, second hand store clothes, wal mart shoes, and sold beer cans found in the ditches to buy gas and oil for the clapped out rig you could see asphalt through the floorboards. Dad always said I didnt know how good I had it I did have it good compared to him. Ive walked the path he took to school a few times. From his front porch to the remains of the old school house i
  21. Ive said it many times.... it get daylight faster in vegas than anywhere esle in the country... ...sometimes it rises before you get to sleep! One of the pics he posted of going camping looked like he was riding an emu.... Oh the irony... now we just need a member to own a whore house and another to have a dream job that pays a fortune well.... technically just the first one. Would obviously count as number two My kid hit the ball maybe twice. Sat in the outfield picking grass and t
  22. Ah, ya little nappy headed ho.... you know my style by now.... dont matter what it is I have to twist something around for entertainment purposes. I rarely mean anything harmful. Within fifteen seconds of shaking your hand Id tease you about something Soft hands/weak grip= Damn son... those calluses are like eight grit sandpaper... start wearing gloves doing all that hard manual labor.... jeez.... take some time off for heavens sake You get the point... hopefully The wife claims I can be annoying at times. She is all the time so I dont pay attention to mu
  23. Not one to keep up with....well, normal current events I had to google/wiki this... I grew immediate concern from reading "crypotcurrency" but continued reading due to the glance over at the dog on the "coin" if there actually is a real one somewhere Started shaking my head at the "billions" followed by "infinite" amounts.... ...and immediately closed the tab as soon as the "sponsored the jamacian dog sledding team" Uh. Yeah. Now lets all sit back for a moment and repeat the statement above. Couple more. Now clear your thoughts....ta
  24. Nah.... same thing Tornadoes sound like a train a comin! Theres a great sexually explicit joke within that last sentence should anyone have the time/will to put forth the effort.... And thats with pits and stems! Ever get all drunked up and bet the sonic car hopper twenty bucks they cant remove the stem from the cherry on top of your sundae with just their mouths? Neither have Shane or I ......ever since I made a really big fool outa all of us and dared an obvious alternate oriented fe
  25. I thought the exact same thing... Although my phone support over the years.... and it has been substantial.... has dealt with everything from cars to electrical. Basically everyone with my number or can wring it from someone who has it at one point called and wanted me to troubleshoot something. Who ever developed "facetime" must have been in my shoes at one point in their life cause its the cats ass for seeing the problem "in person" or showing the person how to do something Now if the problem haver has an iphoney and wants to know if they have a water leak, I just t
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