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  1. the blog is actualy pretty good, i would keep track ...and about the age thing, i thought NH is the only state as well.
  2. Thats for sure. What I am saying is, all the pro's, all the best players, are great in all games, and a lot of them are better in other games than hold em, wihch amazes me, considering the fact they are such amazing hold em players.Also amazes me to see a lot of the pro's don't consider hold em as their favorite game.
  3. This is something I notice a lot lately. Most if not all the best no limit hold em players in the world play all poker games and are good in most. I am sure it helps to understand poker a lot better and makes you better, but is that a must? I even got the feeling Daniel rather play other games than hold em ...What do you think, is that a must?
  4. Most dealers make 13-15$ an hour, which isnt bad, at all.
  5. Hi everyone, and Hi Daniel (my poker guru) ...As we all know online gaming, or online poker, is HUGE. The number of players online at any given time is just crazy. 40,000 players at once, a lot of money on the tables, it's crazy. But is it good for poker? Yes, it made the game mainstream, we have a lot more players, a lot more money in tournamants, poker is on TV, poker is online, poker is everywhere. We have close to 70 million players in the USA, we can play with pro's, and what not, but is it really good for poker?Based on Daniel's blogs, I don't think he is the biggest online poker fan, an
  6. Daniel I love you and I think the way ppl attacked you because of the video blog is stupid, and it happens to me from time to time, but I don't think the way is to go on and on about it. You are right, they are overeacting, go on. I know it's terrible to be called racist, but you know you are not, so what does it metter what all those ppl that I bet are the TRUE racist ppl because when white ppl attack other white ppl for racism just shows they feel bad about something they do ... So just move on man.
  7. SO TRUE.I must say I top a lot. I tip when I win, I tip when the dealer makes a good comment and I tip in the end of the session. But when I think about it, your way is very smart. And yes as you said dealers do make a lot of money, the tips are a pure EXTRA. It's not like other jobs that without tips they won't make anything.And about delaers that get mad, those dealers don't get a dollar from me. If a dealer is not proffesional enough to accept the fact not everyone tips, he shouldn't get anything.
  8. Gold is part of ChanPoker. I dont think that a lot more than that happened.
  9. Hi guys ...I am a HUGE DN fan, I read all his blogs and all of them are great. Especialy the last one, which gave me so much hope about my poker future.Anyway, that is the only blog I really read, but I know there are many out there, and I would like to know about them and maybe hear opinions on the other ones.
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