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  1. Ok we all have concluded that Jamie GOld as a WSOP champion at the very least is "dissapointing" , so if you had to choose one of these players to represent the poker world for a year who would it be? I omitted Daniel in order to get a better gauge of peoples feelings..

  2. Phil Gordon: 2.3 million reasons, and the fact I've sold 300,000 books, led more hours of tv commentary than any other pro, and work hard to help the gamePhil Gordon: no, I don't think I'm better than DNPhil Gordon: Daniel has a long history of attacking players that disagree with him. Annie Duke, Greg Raymer, for instance. I'm not the first player he's publicly chastized, and I won't be the last.Phil Gordon: I have business interests that keep me away from the table. I *choose* to do more business than poker. I'm comfortable with that choice. If that makes me less of a "pro" so be itPhil Gordon: I've never had a losing year. 8 years pro. Phil Gordon: then do this for me: talk to someone varginator (Observer): im speaking intelligently and honestly bi partisan as well, i read and know a lot about poker Phil Gordon: varg, please go somewhere elsePhil Gordon: its totally unfair for DN to post something like that on his blog without copying the entire article. what he said was taken out of conte: varginator (Observer): another strike against you is your game plan to win the WSOP 2006 with u getting lucky against phil ivey at the final talbe, it just seems like you fel your above a lot of people : Phil Gordon: the point is, I was trying to help people play better by giving them an honest assessment of how I go about entering a final table. I make a game plan for each player.varginator (Observer): but people in the top 2 piers think you have no right to pass judgement because they think they can crush you, is the main point, they think you cant say what you said because your not at the limit and level thay are at that is the core pointXJoKeR15x: varginator (Observer): phil most people would say you are out of your leage against DN and erickya phil gordon banned my chat i took 1 for the team of FCP

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