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  1. Is there a general guideline?What are good books out there that teach you how to bet/play, specifically in no-limit tournaments?
  2. I realize I hadn't given out as much information as necessary to give a fully qualified answer (ie. blinds, pot size, players' characteristics, etc.)Fira's answer is sufficient and what I was basically looking for. Thanks to all for your responses!
  3. I'm a novice player so pardon the question:I played in my first live tournament the other day. No-limit.I had A -7 and the flop came K -5 -3 . I raise pre-flop and 2 people call after me. It's early in the tournament but the turn came another . What do I do at this point? Go all in? Slow play to keep both players in? Or place a bet I think the players involved will call (or raise) - which is what I ended up doing. I placed a semi-large bet that one player called (she had pocket Ks). I look back and wonder if I should have put her all-in, which I think she would've done.In gener
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