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  1. What's your cup size?Kidding, don't post it or the degenerates will come out of the woodwork.Thanks for your help in getting this country back on track Jan.
    I might ask you the same thing! :club: I was drinking some tea and nearly spit it out all over the laptop when I read your post... LOLOLWill be interesting to see how Gov. Patrick and Sen Kerry handle their next campaigns.
  2. Well I for one am embarrassed for the people of Massachusetts today!They have shown that they will not vote for a woman for the seat previously held by a man who got elected after drowning a woman!Who's other Senate seat is held by a man who only uses woman for their money.Their most famous representative refuses to even have sex with a woman!And the women of that state knew it, that's why they put up the most palatable woman they could find.A small breasted woman who controls the level of nag in her voice!I guess she is only good enough to get coffee for us.Woman of FCP, I stand in solidarity with you over the insult dealt you by the state of Massasexist!
    YOU GO GIRL !!! BG there is now an opening in the State Senate here?? :club:
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