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  1. Heh, good points fellows.Still I think I could let Daniel little bit easier than to insist him calling me Mr. Koikkalainen. I hope its also fine if I call him Daniel =). This way we both can have a decent communication withouth using 60% of our time figuring out how our names are pronounced.And yes, I will get a haircut before I come. In the picture I have unusually long hair . Lets face it, the protegees have been bold trough the history of this program ;-)(Althought I think some of the hair will grow back during my flight to Bahamas =)
  2. Allright! One step closer being next protege.I guess it was worth it to wake up 4am at 2 thrusdays Now just waiting for the grande finale. And yes, thanks for other contestants you offered some good poker this morning. I guess I was just little luckier in right spots.Regards,Saaskss
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