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  1. Ok since I started this mess...lol...Sorry...I got my answer. I can ask but "paying to see them" might not be worth the hassle...I got it!!!AS far as the last part of this topic that it got focused on. Where I play Winstar in Oklahoma and every tournament I have watched on TV the last live hand if all are mucked or folded does not have to Table his /her cards to win. That should be a no brainer for all of us if we have watched any tv at all. WHich BTW includes the Bellagio but may be different in play at thier card room I dont know Ive never played poker there when Ive been.Thanks to everyone'
  2. Ok point taken.....Its just me easy on the eyes...Thanks everyone for your input. I will take all the advice and use it accordingly. Since I dont play for money online it is all about the poker room at Winstar. Usually my easy going nature prevents too much hostility, but it is nice to see the others cards when the hand is over. I like the idea of just waiting till they show since I called. If I am in the hand at the end I always show ever since I mucked a winning hand...another (expensive) story for another time. So all I am asking for was what yall told me.
  3. Hello everyone,I am a huge poker fan and my hubby and I have a question about play in a casino. If this is a previous topic I hope you will excuse me as I am new to this forum. We record and watch everything poker on TV that we can find, but we see a constant that bothers us. WE have also experienced this at the casinos. It bothers me more than it does my husband. When somebody calls on TV, if someone is bluffing they just say you got it and muck their cards. Wouldn't it be benificial to see what they were bluffing with to get an idea of their play?The phrase of "Pay to see your cards" is
  4. My question is this? How come he didn't get a penalty.... You know there had to be a floor person who saw that and should have reacted accordingly. Was it the other players responsibility to call it out. It seemed to me that Gold was pushing that envelope quite a bit during his run in the Main event.My observation was that even with a penalty his run of cards would have bailed him out. Wow even I could have won with that run of cards he had.
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