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  1. 40/60 stake back. As long as I've been here I don't think I've seen this for anyone giving out random stakes.Nice gesture, but this is a first for me.
    Why is it that every time I read one of your posts, I find myself staring at your sig for at least 30 seconds??? Who is she?
  2. both of you are correcti just wish i wasnt sick with the flu,my body is so sore its stopping me from fully enjoying the movie,although ive seen it alreadyhas anyone see "owning mahowny"?
    Love that movie...owning mahony. i kinda get sick watching it though. its kinda disturbing.
  3. When we give we are doing it just as much for our own soul as for the other person. They are responsible for the direction they take after you helped.You are the better man overall, and in the long run, wouldn't you rather be thought of as a good guy that can be fooled for a little help now and then, or a hard dude that wouldn't piss on a burning dog?You're in a profession that is focused on pounding on people that are off their game, on taking the maximum off someone whenever you can. It's a good thing to be the opposite when you are away from the tables, brings your soul balance.BTW, my wife needs new rims for her Jag..could you spot me a couple grand till my visa bill gets paid?
    well put...'cept for the part where your wife needs a rim job.
  4. i agree with the OP. if you were at a restaurant and your waiter farted or lying on a bed in a hotel with a hooker and she farted you'd all be upset. when you're paying someone for a service, even if it is a hand job, they should be professional.

  5. Absolutely, without a doubt, the worst beat in history.....ever.:Cloutier was playing in a no-limit Hold’em cash game at the famous Bicycle Club with Al Krux, a great player himself, who’s made several final tables at the World Series of Poker.Krux was running bad and, picking up pocket kings, put all his remaining chips - $435 – into the pot. The player to Krux’s left was having a massage and, with his cards held high, the player to his left saw them. It mattered not. Both players mucked their cards.Play got round to Cloutier who, holding pocket 10s and seeing what other players had done, figured he was probably ahead and the most he could lose anyway was $435 so he called.But the dealer hadn’t noticed the call and dropped the deck on the muck. A ruling was made and the dealer reshuffled all the cards, except Cloutier’s and Krux’s, before dealing out the five community cards.The flop came K-10-4 giving both players trips. But the turn card was the case 10 giving Cloutier quads and winning the hand for him.Unlucky for Krux yes. But now for the real part of the story…The guy who had been having a massage announced that he had thrown pocket 10s – as the player to his left had seen. So the only way Cloutier could win that pot was for the dealer to make a mistake that lead to a ruling which meant the other two tens were shuffled back into the pack only to be dealt again as community cards!So next time you suffer a bad beat remember this - Al Krux had it worse than you will ever have! Just have a laugh at his expense, keep control and keep your chips.

  6. if you are looking for a table, check out pokersuppliesltd.com. you can buy kits with all the materials you need and build it yourself. i know the guy who owns the company. he is a complete d-bag, but he sells good products...if you can put up with him.also, KEM cards are the ****.

  7. i agree with you that he shouldn't have gotten all defensive about kanter's play. sounds a little bitter to me. maybe cuz he isn't playing as well, or as much as he would like. i still think that kanter is a total donkey. too bad bad things went south. would've been to cool to hear some of his tourney strat.

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