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  1. That was on top of the 13 he bet preflop. I guess the fact that he called two preflop raises with k2 suited, completely missed the flop, yet still felt the need to call another 6 when he was obviously beaten was about as bad as you can play a hand. Combine that with the fact that he then hit a very long shot runner runner with absolutely no draw to beat AA, I thought it was a notable hand. LOL.
  2. LOL. Not in the hand. Just an amused observer.
  3. View Previous | Next hand for this table.Texas Hold'em $0.25-$0.25 PL (Real Money), #950,020,033Table Pori, 4 Sep 2006 10:20 AM ETSeat 1: z43x77 ($19 in chips)Seat 2: MAAMO ($19.50 in chips)Seat 4: eldave07 ($34 in chips)Seat 5: contraflow ($12.90 in chips)Seat 7: cactuscliff ($41.60 in chips)Seat 8: JBlooms ($21.35 in chips)Seat 9: Mok2k ($29 in chips)Seat 10: joespliff ($15.75 in chips)ANTES/BLINDScactuscliff posts blind ($0.25).PRE-FLOPJBlooms folds, Mok2k calls $0.25, joespliff folds, z43x77 calls $0.25, MAAMO calls $0.25, eldave07 folds, contraflow bets $0.75, cactuscliff folds, Mok2
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