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  1. sigh busted in 5th for 46$. gg me
  2. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRPokerStars Game #30502853757: Tournament #179581380, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level XV (1000/2000) - 2009/07/15 15:39:28 PT [2009/07/15 18:39:28 ET]Table '179581380 10' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Nila123 (26834 in chips) Seat 2: fourcardkeno (61366 in chips) Seat 4: fetoxAC (67014 in chips) Seat 5: mark_999 (79057 in chips) Seat 8: kigyrugy (35729 in chips) Nila123: posts the ante 200fourcardkeno: posts the ante 200fetoxAC: posts the ante 200mark_999: posts the ante 200kigyrugy: posts the ante 200kigyrugy: posts small blind 1000Nila123: posts big blind 2000*** HOLE
  3. shiiiiiiiiip it!PokerStars Game #30502643775: Tournament #179581380, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level XIV (800/1600) - 2009/07/15 15:33:28 PT [2009/07/15 18:33:28 ET]Table '179581380 10' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: Nila123 (40084 in chips) Seat 2: fourcardkeno (29433 in chips) Seat 4: fetoxAC (101997 in chips) Seat 5: mark_999 (43758 in chips) Seat 7: mulderFR1908 (24899 in chips) Seat 8: kigyrugy (29829 in chips) Nila123: posts the ante 150fourcardkeno: posts the ante 150fetoxAC: posts the ante 150mark_999: posts the ante 150mulderFR1908: posts the ante 150kigyrugy: posts the ante
  4. lol run and play good.It´s sick im running so good right now and thinking about every situation, not rushing my hands, taking the time to think why he check called the flop then checked the turn blah blah blah....
  5. Back to back final tables!!!come rail!!mark_999 on stars179581380commin in 4th in chips with 38k!!one more time!!!!
  6. Ships for 216!!!!, it was like a 30minute heads up battle, he had me more than 2-1 chip lead when we started heads up, Battled back got him down to 60K and got it all in with AK he had QQ and i flopped trip aces for the win!!
  7. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee won the tournament!!!!!!YAY!!!! sooooooooooo stoked!!!
  8. 107 KPokerStars Game #30469781137: Tournament #179368108, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (500/1000) - 2009/07/14 17:29:51 PT [2009/07/14 20:29:51 ET]Table '179368108 6' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: cuob1 (22654 in chips) Seat 2: tNgrandbuyin (64682 in chips) Seat 3: spcspc (9555 in chips) Seat 4: daweed_28 (33843 in chips) Seat 5: croywhale (14360 in chips) Seat 6: mark_999 (83342 in chips) Seat 7: que miras (10620 in chips) Seat 8: Lowvoice (12470 in chips) Seat 9: blackslaad (18474 in chips) cuob1: posts the ante 100tNgrandbuyin: posts the ante 100spcspc: posts the ante 100da
  9. Final table time!!comming in 1-9 with 80K179368108mark_999 on stars!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1 time!
  10. Looks like a good one. Now you can Play a 3.30 rebuy 180 man sngs.Good for the people with a small br looking for a decent cash and not spending 8 hours if you like rebuys.weeeeeee
  11. damn bro, thats sucks. I remember i satellited into the nightly 162 on stars....( way above my br also) AIPF with AA vs A8 he turns trip 8´s . I was 5 people from cashing...Worst feeling ever.
  12. such a good song im having the hardest time downloading it for free.
  13. haggard, it just says connecting and won´t connect.
  14. mark_999

    The Hideout

    oooooohhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit vegas in 12 hours!!!!!!!!!
  15. mark_999

    Legal Help

    Yeah i´ll probably just say **** it and take the 2K. If i weren´t going to vegas this saturday i would definently try to take the extra 100. But since i probably won´t get it sorted out in time, i´ll just let it go.But next time i will be a tough nail and won´t take that kind of shit.thanks for the advice everyone.
  16. mark_999

    Legal Help

    lol yah a 100$ worth of damage to his property could be in order .
  17. mark_999

    Legal Help

    Yeah i should really do that. The thing is im going to vegas in 3 days and i don´t have alot of money to take with me. So getting this 2 grand right now would be sweet.If i do get a lawyer and try to get this extra 100 , i may not get it in time for Vegas.so hmmmmmmmmm
  18. mark_999

    Legal Help

    Mt paul auto sales, the one on the northshore across from red sea auto sales & behind 7 11
  19. mark_999

    Legal Help

    So about a month ago i put my car on consignment at a car dealership.We both signed a contract saying that I will get $2100 for my car and if they sell it for anything more than that , it's theres....pretty standard.So, About a week ago the dealership called me saying hey we have a buyer but we may have to jack down the price to make him really interested.He says can you take $1800 for it? I said i really had my heart set on 2500 1st of all, theres no way. He says ok how about 1900, I said ok the absolute minimum i can sell it for is 2000, that is it.He says ok I'll try to get you 2000 for it.
  20. went camping last night with some buddies and my gf, got really drunk, made a big fire, roasted some marshmellows , cooked hot dogs, shot rifles, Overall a good drunken time!!
  21. yeah sounds like some friends who don´t really want to take eachothers money. I don´t think softplaying should be allowed, Friends off the poker table, enemies on the table.
  22. word up !pay day today! went to the pub after work, got shit faced and ordered a bunch of pub food ( all paid for by my boss) sooooo sweet. best boss ever.now im home drunker than a biitch.gonna head to bed, & start my 3 day weekenend!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i ****in love 3 day weekends!!!
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