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  1. http://www.pokerhand.vg/33River made me cry, i guess i knew deep inside.
  2. http://www.poker.vg/forums/219-hand-made-m...fe.html#post223It basically ruined my day, instead of being up $1000 i just about broke even for the day (+100) due to this crappy hand. My thoughts on the turn was he was basically repping an overpair or was bluffing. I thought he had hardly no outs but he suprisingly had low flush draw. When i called the turn i was planning to call any river bet and if he checked i would shove. Gay card, gg, i lose massive pot.Also, u will all probably critisize my preflop play but w/e you werent playing. His stats were 44/30 playing very loose and agressive. Let
  3. Villan seemed really fishy. This is a spot where he either has nothing or has me crushed. Mini raise scares the heck out of me since hes not overlly agressive. What do you think?Hand history: http://www.poker.vg/forums/176-aq-top-pair...ot.html#post178
  4. http://www.poker.vg/forums/168-sick-pot-straight-flush.htmlDo you think i played it optimally? Flop raise? Turn value bet? River checkraise. I put villan on a set.
  5. dadamn, removed my link. only came back here to post a link to my friends website it did add value aswell. Had hand history and everything + interview. Mods suck balls.
  6. should have spent less time having sexual relations with matusow and more time talking to daniel.
  7. Please debate:The fact she didnt win basically killed any chance of a moneymaker effect happening this year. She was by far the most marketable player to have a shot at it. If only she learnt a little more about poker, she wouldnt have blown it.
  8. Hey my names Andy and im a small winner overal at poker. I play tournaments and cash games. Ive played over 1000 low limit tournaments from 1$-$15 on pokerstars (sharkscope id - squizzel) and have showed a small profit of around $500. Likewise i have shown a small profit at low limit cash games NL $10 and NL $25 making around $500 there too. Ive recently finished my schooling and am self employed as a web developer. This gives me alot of time to play poker whenever i want. If someone is willing to mentor me i will put in as many hours as you want me to.Basically, i just need someone to bounce
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