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  1. Sorry, Napa. I hope you have a nice, albeit incredibly short, life.
  2. Strat - you should become an actuary. Had one leave one of our portfolio companies today for a crazy amount of money. She was probably like 33. Shake's basically a millionaire, so no advice there.
  3. Pretty sure they shut down the south side irish parade a few years ago. It was awesome.
  4. As long as you're not an inbred hillbilly from Virginia (sorry Sal) you'll be fine on BEC.
  5. Wow. I guess I need to post more. Have some self respect. You're a lawyer dammit. $100k should have a minimal impact over the span of your lifetime, but $5M changes things. Ladies like guys with $5M. How is this possible? On yourself, or including dates? Not even drinks and dinner with friends? For someone right out of college? I'd say Chicago. Much better cost of living than NYC and SF. Congrats. I need to have the comp discussion with the partners. I will probably be looking again soon. I still don't know who Cha Cha is.
  6. This is a business decision, we don't need the lawyers to dot our i's yet. We'll call you when you're needed. I think you're hung up on the apathy of your peers and the middle management with whom you interact. Someone cares about how much money your division makes. If you can convince that person your programs can reduce headcount by 3 (example) people per month at a fully-loaded cost of $4k each, he should be happy to license the program from you for $5k. Oh and SA - just giving you sht. I enjoy seeing how annoyed lawyers get when they're told "it's a business decision."
  7. IE - why don't you quit your job, write a program (either in excel or an actual software program) that automates the work at your firm? License it back to them for $5k / month (suggestion) plus some consulting / implementation fees. However much you can save them in headcount per month, charge them 1/2 or 1/3 of that amount so they're guaranteed a 2:1 or 3:1 ROI. Whoever owns your P&L (your AVP? his boss?) should be interested in the savings to your group.
  8. Napa - how are you not on Tinder? Come on man that's a no-brainer. Invention of the cotton gin led to a huge increase in slavery (cotton was now much more profitable), which was one of the factors that led to the Civil War. Knowing Eli Whitney invented it isn't important, but It's part of the bigger picture. Will catch up more tomorrow morning.
  9. Glad to see it hasn't affected your typing.
  10. Definitely a character. And I'd bet my house with my mother in it he misspelled "rhythm" as part of the character. Stratty, what would you get on the GMAT? We may need to start thinking about an MBA for you. Also - move to a real city. How many times have you talked about moving (Chicago, Orlando, London, London/Sydney)? I'm Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting and you're Will - I hope some day you just up and move, and then I go do construction work.
  11. Napa, if you do well in public accounting you'll definitely make over $125k. Don't sell yourself short.
  12. For Cha Cha (because of his name) and Loogie (because this guy's from our hometown) Founder of Cha Cha Caught Cheating On His Wife Edit: Dude also invented voicemail
  14. My guess is Shake's cells are formatted as text cells. When you open the formula and hit enter, it reformats it into general or number. Highlight all the cells, hit control + 1, then change formatting to general. Pretty much guaranteed the above doesn't work because I feel pretty confident it will.
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