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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first post so I'll try to be breif. I started playing poker about 6 months ago, right now I only play at play money tables. I seem to do reasonably well as I very rarely have to refill my play money accounts. My question is how do you know your ready to play "real" money games online or at a casino. my wife's a little leery about me playing online, (hackers, viruses etc.) and the nearest casino is at least an hour away. we just had a new baby so my recreational funds aren't what they used to be. I read books and watch TV about poker and get the concept, but it;s a totally different environment to plar for real. any insight we be helpful. Thanks.
    youre not ready
  2. Man these Visa Gift to Go cards are the Bomb! Register them online and away you go! Another highlight of the Scottsdale trip!So I now have $98 BR on Stars (was $100 but sent $2 to yourboygsarida just now as repayment for his stakament of me from last month).Think I am gonna build it up in $5 SNG's and $3 Sunday Million Qualifiers. If I win a seat in one of those then sell the seat the monster will be unleashed!Feels good to be back in the game (and NO MORE CASH GAMES!).Ciao!
    honestly i was reading this post and i was like wow what a fking loser just from the way you wrote it and i was like i think i may have to flame this dork and then i looked and saw its you
  3. So while it has no immediate effect, it means the US has to ban ALL online gambling, including horse-racing and lottery, or allow ALL online gambling, including poker and slots. Do you think the states and horse people will allow that cash to be cut off?
    thats not ideal for us. i would rather all gambling be banned and poker allowed. that way all the degens would have to play poker :club:
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