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  1. ill sprinkle some holy water on them for the low low price of 9.99then theyll go to a magic happy place when they die
  2. where can i find a list of all the casinos in southern california? yahoo has not been forthcoming...
  3. good job useful crew. lol 25$
  4. i wanna see a pic of her and until i c im reserving judgement but im pretty sure shes a fugly fatty retard and so is he
  5. i dont think you can make a buy in an hour playing nlhe at any level below 05c10c and it would be a challenge to do it there as well, not to mentions games bigger than that. you might be able to come semi close though
  6. ur still gonna lose ur ***
  7. any1 in need of a new sig?
  8. damn frigley all up on jc's wiener
  9. not me i cant stand daniel, hes so full of himself and hes just a giant douchebag with a big gay forum full of dorks
  10. 13h online session for me but i can do better i swears
  11. honestly i was reading this post and i was like wow what a fking loser just from the way you wrote it and i was like i think i may have to flame this dork and then i looked and saw its you
  12. thats not ideal for us. i would rather all gambling be banned and poker allowed. that way all the degens would have to play poker
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