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  1. I just tried out the rush tables, and you put a big smile on my face. Brilliant! Any chance FTP has this copyrighted or something so no other site can copy the idea?
  2. Yeah, there's no way ESPN would have benefitted form showing this on TV.
  3. ONE of Canada's times. I was going to say US Central Time, but he just in Canada. Whatever. 2 hours fast.
  4. Looks like Daniel's Twitter is still on Canada time.
  5. After the entry period is over, is there any chance on letting us no how many total picks each player/team got?
  6. "...I just feel like I deserve better." - Phil Hellmuth in his Pokernews.com exit interview.
  7. That's perfectly fair...any player can get a meeting with those three guys at their whim, right?
  8. Actually, I think you're right...Varkonyi's feat of winning the Main Event and then never winning anything ever again is truly the most amazing feat in tournament poker, bar none.
  9. Just curious, how many of you would value bet on the end?
  10. Also need to include Greg Raymer's 1st in 2004 and I think 25th in 2005. Raymer was actually chip leader for a time in both years, and 2005 he got sucked out on by Aaron Kanter's crazy flush draw call.
  11. Actually, I've been there, so I know exactly how big it is. But I still found it amazing to watch Daniel walk through the absurd maze of partitions to get to his car...and none of that includes all the space that is actually in use for the World Series.
  12. He can't think of famous canadians? There are like 1000 of them in show biz.
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