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  1. It was a bit of a mischaracterization, but doesn't change that there is a degree of error, where the very definitions used in the scientific process acknowledge that the use of such will never be able to determine something as absolute. It's a positive in that things are always being learned, but a negative in this discussion because it is butting heads with something that says that there is an absolute. Science can't prove it, but it can't disprove it either. Which leads to... Unambiguously false based on the observations that scientists have made to effectively guess about unobserved hist
  2. I'm relatively new, feel free to skewer... What I have a problem with is how the (apparent) majority posting can't see that the methodology of science is different from the conclusions that are based on the methods used. And in the scientific process, there is a rule that states (paraphrased), "The truth is the truth....until we find something else out, then we'll figure out the new truth." So in that degree of ambiguity, why is there a problem with someone thinking, "What God has said will be found to have been right all along. I'll do what I can to catch up."? And for that matter, how is
  3. I'm checking espn360.com right now and I don't see it coming up today or tomorrow.They've only been doing the final tables so far and it seems that that's what they're doing here as well. Which I guess means it won't come up till Sunday.
  4. Hand #5: Peter Jetten moves all in for 252,000. Ryan Daut raises to 500,000. Daniel Negreanu moves all in and Daut calls all in for 1,297,000.Daut shows AANegreanu shows KKJetten shows KJThe board comes 73245 and Daut makes a straight to double into the chiplead with 2,890,000 while Negreanu falls to 900,000.~~Wow, that's sick...
  5. Yeah, you're probably right. I was debating between using "cosmically" and "karmically" and picked the wrong one.
  6. Anyone else find it interesting that, once again, Daniel and E-Dog are keeping pace with each other? I swear, talk about karmically connected....TID, Daniel!
  7. *ding ding*Everybody back to their respective corners. Daniel done good.
  8. That sucks. Great job holding it together, DN. I thought you had it, even on a short stack.
  9. ZeeJustin = ChipleaderJustin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo took over the chiplead when he flopped two pair against John Juanda. He icreased his stack to 780K.
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