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  1. It was fairly early in an online NL tournament. I get KK . Flop comes all , no ace. I bet 2xBB. One fold. Remaining player goes all-in with an amount that would leave me with pocket change if I lost. I haven't had a chance to get a read on this player, so I almost have to figure he's good for the flush. (Although as I'm typing this I'm thinking if he'd actually had the flush he would have slow played it.) Do I call his all-in or do I run and live to fight another day?I chose the latter course, but it's been bugging me ever since. If he's bluffing or semi-bluffing then calling is obv
  2. This one happened about a week ago. I was playing $1/$2 online. I get K T in the BB. There are four or five calls and I check. Flop comes 6 6 8 . SB checks, I check, UTG bets, folds around to SB who calls and I call. Turn is 9 , so I've got my my flush and am feeling pretty good. SB checks, I check, UTG bets, SB calls. I figure it's time to make my move. The cards have not been especially kind to me prior to this hand and I'm thinking the river is going to come up a heart and one of the other guys will have the A , so might as well push it now. I raise and everybody calls. The
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