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  1. i have me up 2 to 1.5Jagr two goalsAfinogenov assist..NHL.com says yes..Cbs says noone goal againstThieves...Jokinen assistFedetonko goalMogilny assistYashin assisttwo goals
  2. you are lucky I didnt put in Tucker...bad move....I love my chances tonite..Serge
  3. AP..Toronto... After much ridicule and idle predictions by rival Daniel Negreanu and Darrell Derosie, the owner of the Mustangs is sitting pretty atop the AHL standings. The Mustangs off to an amazing 5-1 start have been doing it with a phenomenal roster led by such stars as Jaromir Jagr, Paul Kariya, Doug Weight , Maxim Afinogenov and superstar goalie Roberto Luongo. "I cant believe my rivals before the year predicted me to finish 3rd place this year" said owner Serge Bogosyan as he prepared to move his headquarters out west to California. Bogosyan was also overheard saying that
  4. Why dont I get any respect..what do i have to do in this leagueTop forwardsJagr,Nedved,Kariya,Weight,Afinogenov,HuseliusHeck Tucker got me 4 pts tonite..Plus i have awesome goaltendingSerge BogosyanOwner of the first place AHL mustangs
  5. the winner is 0....and the final score would be 1-0SergeOwner of the AHL mustangs
  6. Sorry Daniel traded both my elite dman today...Bonk wont be winning anymore AHL championships if he is going to stay on the Greaseballs roster long term...SergeOwner of Mustangs
  7. Big ms and Screaming Eagles might be goodbut the MUSTANGS are 2 and 0SergeOwner of the Mustangs
  8. to get into our league it is extremely difficult...I would say our league is so well run and so detailed that its as close as you will get to being an actual GM...I think our waiting list is like 100 long now...My son who is 7 months old is on the list...Serge BogosyanOwner of the Mustangs
  9. Hi all,Yesterday we had the draft for the AHL and I am sure Daniel will post something on it, however I feel that the best chance of a surprise this year will come from the Mustangs...Eric Daze, Paul Kariya, Doug Weight, Peter Nedved, Brian Leetch..cant be stoppedSerge BogosyanOwner of the Mustangs
  10. Hi guys,I have been playing regularly the $5-10 game at Port perry just outside of Toronto...Just wanted to get people's input on an issue a friend of mine and I have been discussing. The $5-10 game has a rake of 10% up to a max of $5. My friend seems to think the rake is not an issue since the game is so good and is filled with REALLY bad players. We have both been beating the game regularly. My win rate is $23 an hour. I consider myself a very good player who has played the game professionally and now semi-professionally for about 10 years. Here is the dilemma...I know i can beat the $
  11. i am not that guy...but i am looking forward to this event too...
  12. I was lucky enough to be one of the people chosen for this tournament...In essence its a freeroll for a $100000....plus a seat in the main even at this years wsop...Anyone else on here qualified to go?Serge
  13. My story began in the same poker rooms as Daniel talks about in Toronto back in the early 90s....Holdem was a new game introduced in Toronto and we had more action than Las Vegas. On any given night around the city there would be upwards of 50 tables of $5-10 and $10-20 games....I tried the game just like anyone else and I was down about $600 playing the 5-10 games until me and two friends ordered Sklansky's Holdem for Advanced Players....I never looked back after that..Playing a simple tight agressive game against players that were crazy I was up over $30000 the first year of holdem in Toron
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