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  1. lol live pokers, I've never had so much fun losing $350. Also I think the female dealer I had at the end was flirting with me but sighef at me only realising after Ieft the building. Also also, the management hate money because they wouldn't let me play HU. The deal is $5 an hour timecharge plus a rake (it's awful, it's for fun not for profit). Since we payed the tablecharge as a full table they lose money by not letting us play until the next timecharge, they'd rake so many more hands with just two playing, esp since they rake pf pots (again fun not profit). The same dealer was willing to dea
  2. Why did you call pf, is this the first three bet he's done, how long have you been playing, what are your reads. There is no where near enough info for this hand. As standard I'm probably 4 betting pre unless I've been calling a lot but usually if he's been three betting heaps I'm either minraiseing pf so I can call lighter, or I've been 4 betting light, in which case it's back to 4 betting this hand pre.I can't really give post flop advice for reasons above but in a total vacum probably shove and eat the variance
  3. Was anyone else watching that? I caught the first and last sets and it was epic, wish I'd watched more.
  4. I don't know. What's his range pf? Like big Aces and PPs right? All the big Aces except AJ and a loose AT beat you and all of the PPs fold if you bet or usually check behind. But cfolding seems absolutely bad against someone you have no reads against. You could betfold but I don't think there is any value there, all curiosity factor is gone because of the all in. I think ccalling is the way to make the smallest mistake.
  5. check call, if I'm villian I now bet all my A's and K's, but I'm not going to call with any underpairs and I might fold a K if you bet into me. That seems wrong since I've typed it out but I'll leave it there and get someone to tell me why it's wrong.How you got there was fine i think given the all in.
  6. Nice life is him not leaving me when he gets 5 buyins off me playing godmode.
  7. Just for funzies since I'm getting no action, two hands.Really really didn't want to call this shove due to history but did anyway.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (2 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comsaw flop | saw showdownSB ($505.85)Hero (Button) ($271.80)Preflop: Hero is Button with , Hero raises to $3, SB calls $2Flop: ($6) , , (2 players)SB checks, Hero bets $4, SB calls $4Turn: ($14) (2 players)SB checks, Hero bets $10, SB calls $10River: ($34) (2 players)SB bets $488.85 (All-In), Hero calls $254.80 (All-In)Total pot: $543.60 | Rake: $0.50Results:Hero had ,
  8. I've never been on craiglist, why is this a scam?
  9. Why? Your sig always made me stop and stare for at least 30 seconds whenever I saw it. This one is just no.
  10. Back from Thailand. Phuket was great, Bangkok was very polluted. No fuzzy sunset photos as I don't have a camera Hey, my brother is a psychology student and he's good people.
  11. Yeah but saying nothing kind of comes across as "I don't like you, go away", Whereas asking what they're up to shows that your interested in hanging out. This would be more fun as suicide chess. It's really simple first person to lose all their peices wins. If you can take an opponents peace you must but if you can take more than one you get to choose which one.If any of you found me on facebook I might just cry with happyness.
  12. eukw ;qjaont;edh6unskhmao.nt v;etqjb;knsxqjkns ;euqjknoepmikx v;oe.zqjiko.naotheunoentuhaontuhtaonhuaohuhaontubaontantebmukabmo,webaebmuknwaob-nt.a,oentsa,.ntsbmuao,b uaowm antvkwao. ntkwoe unkxnaoewI'm soooo ****ing tilted right now. Garr lost about a buyin and a half to some guy because I was down 4 buyins to this other guy. Garr. I'm so angry with myself. And the guy I was 4 buyins down to was sooooo meh but running hotter than the sun. Gar. And I lost another buyin to that guy because he realised I was tilting and actually played decent because of it. ffs.I have never been this angry befor
  13. NiceI <3 bumhunting. Sucks I have to quit another game because going out again.
  14. I had to be somewhere, ended up being an hour late as it was.
  15. This is getting rediculous, playing the best opponenent ever but I can't finish him and he keeps winning retarded pots.aonsehtudnrcaoeduia',.ntudhnta just die already.
  16. just bought one, maybe it'll turn my boomswitch on.
  17. So who's getting a pokerstars monkey? I'm thinking of getting one.
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