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  1. final table 6 to go...4th in chips. rail l if you're bored.
  2. got really short stacked with freaking a-j suited again, and ended up pulling queens and tripling up. middle of the road with 7 to go
  3. havent seen a hand in forever. though just ran into big stack there with a-j. slow going. should have probably picked up more pots earlier, but didn't want to invest anything with the hands i was seeing, even in position
  4. Sitting at a good table with only the chip leader and small stacks. Might be time
  5. I know it's only 5 dollar entry but if anyone is bored and wants to rail, I am chip leader with 24 to go. 155 started. Come rail and give some love
  6. I think we need some background personal interest story to follow you trying to do what everyone else is trying to do over a 100 days. Like an Olympic piece about a one-armed biathelete or something. Though, I must say I did enjoy the discussion about hands.
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