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  1. Thanks for the memorysOf things I can't forgetJourneys on a jetOur wond'rous week in MartiniqueAnd Vegas and rouletteHow lucky I wasAnd thanks for the memorysOf summers by the seaDawn in WaikikiWe had a pad in LondonBut we didn't stop for teaHow cozy it wasNow since our breakup I wake upAlone on a gray morning-afterI long for the sound of your laughterAnd then I see the laugh's on meBut thanks for the memorysOf every touch a thrillI've been through the millI've lived a lot and learned a lotYou loved me not and stillI miss you so muchThanks for the memorysOf how we used to jogEven in a fogThat barbecue in MalibuAway from all the smogHow rainy it wasThanks for the memorysOf letters I destroyedBooks that we enjoyedTonight the way things lookI need a book by Sigmund FreudHow brainy he wasGone are those evenings on BroadwayTogether we'd go to a great showBut now I begin with the late showAnd wish that youWere watching, tooI know it's a fallacyThat grown men never cryBaby, that's a lieWe had our bed of rosesBut forgot that roses dieAnd thank you so much

  2. Agreed, I saw him at a small comedy club in new york (not manhattan the burbs) - he was very good. But Bob Hope > All
    FYP, you young punk.
  3. So, why exactly did they name a airport after you? Cause ppl are talking and I just don't know what to believe. So I thought I would just like ask you personally and shite.
    Listen up, you smart assed little *******, they named an airport after me, because I was the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.. I preformed in EVERY decade of the 20th century, I was the true 5 tool threat, vaudefill, radio, movies, television, broadway. I entertained troops all over the world. Fcking reagan has an airport, and all he ever did was have a cok teasing tramp of a wife.
  4. Listen, when kids start running up on stage and try to tackle you over a fucking game, then you can bitch about them.
    Listen, you young punk, just because you're a black belt and was trained by Chuck Norris ( no lie, btw, check IMDB if you think I am) Doesn't mean I can't get to you.. I got the US army on My side.
  5. Listen, you punk, You think you're an entertainer? I've been entertaining the troops for over 60 years. Give me a call when the navy christens a ship the USNS Clay Aiken, and then we'll talk.

  6. Thanks... for the memories..Of things I can't forget, journeys on a jet,Our wond'rous week in Martinique and Vegas and roulette. how lucky I was.....Did you know that the guiness book of world records considers me the most celebrated entertainer of all time, with over 2000 awards? But these days, some Fa**ot gets SECOND PLACE on a "reality" TV show, and is now the biggest star in the world, and the whole world loses their mind about what real entertainment is.

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