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  1. he's only like 25ish, and with that kind of money, he could chillax for the rest of his life playing some 5-10nl and 10-20nl and not have to worry.
    also, wasnt the article about him in Card Player magazine saying that he used to play online and was making about 1000-3000 grand a day (or maybe it was a week). I know that he bought in himself to the main event, he wanted to do it all on his own. Was a great article, for as young as he is, he seems to have a great head on his shoulder.Also, the players on HSP get a standard "actors" pay.... $1250 an hour.
  2. Why would i make it up? "I have never lost with quads "Never? if you are going to accuse me of making stuff up, look in the mirror first, unless you really havent played that many hands in your lifetime. if you have played enough hands, i find that hard to believe. in fact, a hand at a game i was at saturday, guy turned quads kings and lost when a 9 diamonds hit on river to give someone a straight flush. in fact, wasnt there a hand at main event where someone flopped quad 5's and lost to runner runner for a straight flush? let me guess. that was made up too? i mean he had quads so he had to win. right?i know this is a forum, but a pet peeve of mine is getting called a liar.

  3. 800 bucks twice in a 1/2 game. not in same night, two different games22 on the button, raise, get a caller. Flop is 10 2 2. he bets 20, i raise to 100 he goes all in, i call with last 700 or so. runner runner 10, he flips over 10 3.i have 5 5, raise get a call. flop is 5 7 5, i bet, he raises, i re-raise he goes all in i call. he flips over 7 2, runner 7's.but, justice is served. 10 3 guy is about to loose his house due to losing so much money and cant pay mortgage. 7 2 guy just had car repo'd.

  4. i seem to run into this sort of situation, in what seems like 75% of the times I flop a set. And it gets frustrating.Hole cards - Kh Ks ( i would rasie 4 times BB)Flop - Kd 6H 10H (I bet pot size bet)Turn - 5H first to act, what to do?In postition, first player bets pot size bet into you, what to do?

  5. if he pays the full buy in, i would think 70/30 sounds fair
    I was thinking alone the same lines, but closer to 60/40... but, as an example lets say he backs me and my cash out is 10 grand. well after taxes that is about 6500 lets says. Do we split the 10 grand or the 6500? if we split the 6500 at 60/40, i will be paying just about the same in taxes then i take home.or, should i take my 4 grand out of the ten, pay the 3500 in taxes and he gets the rest, problem with that is he gets only 2500.or am i thinking wrong?
  6. my 16 yr old son plays with us, he plays at the .50/1 dollar table while i play the 1/2 table at the house. his last four times playing 9he buys in for $40.00 each time)Cash outs of 230, 190, 210 and 140 so he has made an overall profit of 610 bucks. when i am not in a hand i will walk over and watch him play. I got him to FINALLY stop staring at the flop when he misses, and to FINALLY stop the chip stare when he hits. it is at the point that people get nervous when he sits down. I am not letting him play 1/2 yet though, i dont think he is ready to play with us. he has mentioned trying it, but had to put the foot down and i told him he will play that when i say he can. my 7 yr old daughter wants to play sooo bad, but i am having a hard time figuring out a way to teach her (any suggestion from folks with younger kids?)

  7. I have a question, what is the general rule of thumb when a player backs you? A friend of mine has seen me play some cash games here in Va beach, and I was talking about trying the WPT $500 buy in event in January at Borgata. He has some money, no kids, etc. and mentioned that he would like to get in on some of that. If I cash, what is the standard for splitting up the winnings? Would like to keep it informal, no corporation or anything like that.Thanks in advance.

  8. I will visit the Hilton and put 5-6 hours in every time I visit AC from now on. The tables were sooo soft, and full of funny old men and asians from the adjacent asian-game room. Nice place in general.
    Yea, you ever sit and watch the amount of money they throw at that Pai Gow game right there. AMAZING what they will throw away. And the tables there... easy easy easy money. Bathrooms right around the corner, smoking area right across the hallway. Waitress service was good.
  9. Most of you guys just don't know Barry
    yea, well i met him at Borgata and got an autograph!!! LOL (was really looking forward to meeting you to DN, maybe next time)I agree though, if you think about it there were only THREE hands (AA, KK, QQ) that DN had to worry about, the rest were basically races. I have done that before as well, either in the cutoff or on the button.. bunch of limpers i will usually raise it quite a bit, with anything suited/connected and ecspecially if JJ or higher. if the board comes low and/or i really hit it, i get all the chips. i know this, and since i am married with three kids, i play at 1/2 level. Nothing really wrong with that call in my eye. that is my 6.2 cents
  10. no, i dont think a deal was made. i talked to mark after they had gotten down to 27 players.. he was planning on winning it all, he really wants to break into the top (for the older guys here, you know when you look at someone still young and they really really want something, that get that glazed look and all kinds of excited? that was mark, but multiply by 10, hell he just about knocked my wife on her butt trying to get back to the cash games at borgata, he just seemed in a "groove"). like i said before, he was the one to watch (woohoo, i was right on a read!! LOL)

  11. Checking the turn: Gets you more in the LR against an apparent calling station as you usually don't complete your draw and he usually calls the river. So you lose less money when you don't get there which is more important than "sweetening" a pot you will not be able to steal on the river.
    Thats a good point.
    EDIT: I missed the part where the dude called an all in with Q3. Now I say raise river. But I stick to the aggressive turn bet. Sounds like he has QJ
    yea, when that river hit, that was one of hands i put him on (was nervous of higher flush too, seems like 4 out of 5 hands someone was getting a flush). if that was it, a J :club: would have been sweet, i would have popped it up there and pray he didnt have AK.Someone asked me a good question, what would you have done, betting turn and not getting there on river? I still think i would have bet 60 if he checked to me again.
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