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  1. Was at 37K, and made a play. Out in 11,000 something-th. :-(
  2. I'm in. just registered (late). blinds at 400/200.First time player.
  3. Yeah, play.I took the T$ once (got in for $2), because that was "what made the most sense", and ever since then I've kinda wished I hadn't. $200 is nothing in life these days. Go for it. If you don't cash, don't sweat it.
  4. Not a problem.It turns out that I can't do this anyway. Today my boss gave me a huge project that needs to be done by March 1st. Additionally, I was given the ultimatum that if it's not done by March 1st, I will no longer be employed. I'm not going to have a life for the next 4 weeks. And no, I don't think TP/MM is an option for me. But on March 2nd, I might get to find out just how much supplemental income I can make (or lose) by grinding low stakes...
  5. Something like that, yes.EDIT: Hmmm... Perhaps I used the term "loose call" improperly, now that I think about it. I'm really talking about making calls on river bets that seem bluffy. In general, I probably "call" less than I used to. If someone raises, I prefer to re-raise. Opening pots and re-raising preflop is way better than calling preflop. As blinds get bigger, and my stack gets bigger (hopefully), I may open with a huge range of hands, esp from a late position (although button raises are so cliche that I'm more inclined to raise from CO or HJ, or even middle position, if I'm feel
  6. Want to team up with me? Less torture that way. Just a suggestion, since we really don't know each other. I'll even let you pick a name.Or anyone else reading this post.I'll prolly give it a go, regardless. If I 6-table, that'd only be 5 sessions for 30 games.
  7. Just sharing my thoughts and patting myself on the back. 352nd in the Sunday 1/4 Million and 201st out of 10,000+ in a $3.30+R yesterday. Not even close to a final table, but it's really starting to feel like I'm going to get there at some point.I've been playing Sunday MTT's now and then for the last couple months. Honestly, I haven't been playing a lot of poker. But when I have been, I have been doing very well.Do I have anything to show for it? Pretty much no. I think I've cashed in the Sunday 1/4 Million 4 out of the last 5 times, but it's certainly not anything to brag about. Yet.B
  8. Woops. I'm late to the game. Sorry.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=144288
  9. http://media.lvrj.com/documents/Internet_P...Act_of_2010.pdfUnfortunately, Section 104 is a real bitch. To provide an "orderly transition", it sounds like PokerStars and Full-Tilt (and anyone else with a brain), will immediately stop accepting US players for 15 months (basically until Harrah's (or whomever) can get up-to-speed with their own offerings). At that point, PS and FT could get licensed and move back into the market.Yeah, I can last 15 months, but I have a real job. A lot of players don't.
  10. It was a blanket letter to everyone. It specifically references the UIGEA. I agree, it's not illegal, but banks do not seem to want to take any risks. In fact, it even said that my VISA card may be declined at certain hotels as a result. I guess if I EVER want to make another deposit on Stars, I need to mail them a check. I don't know if they even allow that. The reality is that I won't be making any deposits, or withdrawals, for the foreseeable future.At this point, I'm seriously ANGRY about this entire mess. Any hope of having the law overturned seems to be fading very quickly. I thi
  11. Now you're starting to think like me. I'm not sure that any legislation that passes in the US is a good idea at this point. There may be several shades of "a better bad idea", though.
  12. Got a letter from my credit union that pretty much said if you do any transactions with online gambling, your account will be closed. I've read similar things in several places, but I was pretty surprised to see it coming from my credit union. I can't blame them, though. Potentially, they could get into trouble if they allow it. I love my CU, so I'm definitely not going to test the waters.Aside from that, my ISP (the only broadband option I have) has sucked @$$ for the last couple months, so I haven't been playing much, and when I have been, I've been losing, although the disconnects alone
  13. Yeah, clicking on me shows UncleHoot, and then recent games show my recent games...
  14. Uhhhmmm... I'm not showing as having played any games, and, well, I did. Not in the last couple days, though. (Worked from 8am till 10pm last night... )
  15. Lurbz! Add me in! Gosh darn it!!!I think I'm up a few bucks so far.
  16. I think a better point may be that casino poker is probably popular only because 90% of the players are online players. Take away online, dry up the casino poker rooms....maybe. I have no stats to back that up. It's just a presumption.
  17. Well, it's not as if they just passed the law today. It's been on the books for 4 years. But we live in a different world today, than we did when this law and the UIGEA were passed. The concept of "Online Poker" doesn't scare as many people as it did then. My mom is proud of me now*, but initially she was pretty concerned. Likewise, now my brother plays, whereas 4-5 years ago, he wasn't so sure about what I was doing either. Those are just anecdotes, but I have to believe that the word has been spreading. Most have realized that it doesn't destroy most people's lives. I think this will
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