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  1. for the same reason you sometimes c/c with ace high, I bet it in position when I think its good and c river behind.
  2. 99 and JJ were a maybe, so i mean less likelywhat i represent is an ace or better, wich includes sets and two pairsBut you are right that its probably better to play it safe and fold river
  3. I almost never c/c AK or AQ because you are right when u say its good more often than not, but because u are OOP u dont know the effective odds u get on your call down.As for the set/ two pair slowplaying thing, 45, 56 and all spades will be happy. But you are right that its a nice line to get some money in the pot.If I really had a monster, there'd be no need to check-raise becuase just betting out on the river looks more suspicious and I'm more likely to get called.True againAs for the hand, I played it this way because I know villain wil raise about 70% of his hand pf, with 100% of that 70%
  4. think about it this way: does a decent player c/c the turn here with just Ax? and if he has a monster would he c/c given this board?
  5. 200NL Blind battleBlinds 1$ 2$StacksizesHero (BB) 182$Villain (SB) 255$ Villain runs 26/24/3 over 97 hands and is a decent player.Hero is dealt K :heart:J Pre-flop SB raises to 6, Hero calls 4Flop8 :diamond:2 :spade:3 :club:SB bets 9, Hero calls 9Turn3 :spade:SB checks, hero bets 20, SB callsRiverA :club:SB bets 40, hero raises to $147.30 and is all-inWhat do we think about this riverplay?
  6. right sir!In the actual hand I was the SB and pushed all-in with T4o. The BB folded like a good boy after showing his hand. I had a discussion with some of my friends wheter the BB should have called with K6o. Most of them said fold and say 'there are better ways to get chips because I play good postflop etc'I say, I have a M of 11 an edge and you have to get chips to win the tourney or at least get ITM. As you already pointed out you are like 55/4525,170,868,800 games 54.750 secs 459,741,895 games/secBoard: Dead: equity (%) win (%) tie (%) Hand 1: 54.2233 % 52.30% 01.93
  7. Hey all,I recently played a live tournament with 55 players. The prize pool was like 1400 EU. Top 8 finish in the money. There was one hand I found particulary interesting. The starting stack was 10.000 and you could do an add-on another 10.000. So I guess there were like 950.000 chips in play. Situation: There are about 36 players left and you sit in the BB and have about 37.000 chips. You accidently thought u were UTG and wanted to fold your hand wich is K6o but the SB reminds you that you are the BB so you take your hand back and post the blind. Blinds are 500-1000 and antes are 200. Everyo
  8. You think you can isolate, but hey there are donks at the table so the following concept applies to this hand.* When you are ahead you are likely to get drawn out on* When you are behind you have at best 5 outs for improvementThe hand is so marginal, your play might break even at best.
  9. If you know how UTG and CO play (lets say they bet their hands and dont stick around with trash), and button bets when checked to almost always then u can try to isolate the button.As Zach already stated the pre-flop and flop play is what I dont like. Turn and river play is fine given your previous actions
  10. I know the results were good. But I cant say I like the hand at all. With 4 players in the hand you have middle pair top kicker, with little outs for improvement. Even in this ideal scenario, they call you with trash, you are vulnarable to many cards coming.id say you flopped a marginal hand at best and were very lucky some donkeys were in the hand. Any turn card that comes is possible bad news for you and what are you gonna do?So the first chance of folding was pre-flop, you missed that one.The second chance of folding is on the flop, id take that one.
  11. totally agree, fold pre-flop and the hand is done.
  12. I agree with cinci I do pay off those types like you did, but in my heart I know I am beat. Whenever this happens I do make a note not to pay off this opponent again.
  13. yeah as played its an easy shovel.Should have played my hand stronger preflop tough.
  14. Reraising pf would have been best indeed. After the CO only calls the minraise I should have known that he didnt have AA or KK and raise him out and keep position on the bad player.For the flop I think maybe a call would have induced the BB in because he thought very long before he folded to my shovel. CO showed his set of jacks.
  15. Yes, because I dont make much$ against CO but I can take the stack from BB. BB would move in, in raised pots with Tpnk.
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