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  1. i will be playing today, please put me on the last longer list. SN is Easymoney76, thx!!!
  2. i think that JC is a red pro at Full Tilt not Pokerstars....
  3. Played 13L for about three minutes.... played the super sat to get in with the intention of not playing and taking the tourney dollars but it ran over into the tourney so i was automatically registered.... picked up aces on the third hand and went broke with them.....FML
  4. out....shove for 40k with 55 and get snap called with..........A2 for half of the guys stack...... Ace on flop and in doneI just dont understand why people do things like that.... they dont try to play good they just hope to get lucky... thats why i hate stars so much, too many idiots
  5. 48981 in 12L.... horrible hour never had a hand and every raise was reraised....
  6. 85856 in 12L...decent hour... hopefully more to come..
  7. 36610 at break in 12L...in the money time to chip up
  8. still in 12L.... 41010 at the break... and best of all i have collected 0 bounties thus far!!!
  9. out.. ran queens into aces..gl all that are still in.......
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