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  1. Just busted 3rd on the final table. Blinds were really high, lost three hands and out. Not even tilted, just hugely disappointed.
  2. Just won my first table in a double shootout to the Main Event.ONE TIME
  3. 7,575 at the first break of the Warm Up. Was down to 2k, but was able to double a couple times
  4. In the Main Event low, the Sunday Warmup, and others as the day goes along. GL all
  5. Thanks guys. Got crippled when I lost a TT vs AK flip, then shoved A3 into AT and that was all she wrote
  6. I really hate this gamePokerStars Game #26874089169: Tournament #200904132, $200+$15 Razz Limit - Level VIII (200/400) - 2009/04/08 17:22:33 ETTable '200904132 69' 8-maxSeat 1: Hikkespett (6369 in chips) Seat 2: Bowie 1963 (5726 in chips) Seat 3: crosscourtbh (11003 in chips) Seat 4: ZeeJustin (5178 in chips) Seat 5: Try__An__Hit (5429 in chips) Seat 6: Slowmash (11218 in chips) Seat 7: Atika (7613 in chips) Seat 8: Dave149 (2630 in chips) Hikkespett: posts the ante 40Bowie 1963: posts the ante 40crosscourtbh: posts the ante 40ZeeJustin: posts the ante 40Try__An__Hit: posts the ante 40Slowmash
  7. Already out of the six max as well. A8<AQ on a 8523 board958 in the Low Razz5,558 in the Medium Razz
  8. 5,048 in the Low4,752 in the MediumAnyone ever played razz with Justin Bonomo? He just got moved to my medium table.
  9. Add the low 6-max event on top of the razzaments
  10. And he gets the Queen an Ipod (even though she already has one)
  11. 4,435 at the first break of the 200k5,213 at the second break of the Brawl
  12. 2,725 in the Brawl. Was down to 790, but was able to double a few times. Need a solid next hour
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