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  1. Hey Daniel,I just tried making my first deposit with FCP but wasn't able to get into the cashier. After talking to customer support on live help I found that I was in fact using the correct password and username.I wasted 30 mins trying to figure this out. I really wanted to try your site out, but it'll need to wait for another day.Instyle007
  2. I'm sure you've got a ton of people advising you on FCP, but here's a free idea for you.To give people a reason to pick your OnGame network site over other sites in general or over other sites on the same network such as PokerRoom.com you need to give them something they won't get elsewhere.If you don't already, maybe give this a try. Have OnGame create ring tables and tournaments specific to only your skin. Meaning only those playing through the FCP software can see and participate in them.For example at FTP, there are tables named after the pros. The neat thing is, these tables have a seat
  3. Thanks for the reply Daniel, much appreciated.I can speak from experience when I say that it's very exciting to see the pros playing online (@ FTP), and even better to get a chance to play with them.If FCP was updated to show when you were and even would be online, that'd be awesome. I'm sure many people would love to play at FCP knowing they'd get a chance to play with you.
  4. What's his nickname? Is there a way to add him to a buddy list to know when he's online?
  5. I can't find anything that talks about Daniel playing at FCP.Does Daniel play at FCP ever, and if he does how do I find out when he'll be online? There use to be a webpage talking about this, but I can't find it now.One thing Fulltiltpoker does right is that when a pro is on a table, that table is then red in the lobby. FCP would be very smart to do something like that for Daniel as well.Thanks in advance for all posted replies!
  6. I ordered my DVD Jan 30th, live in Canada and have not received it yet. One month seems a bit outrageous to receive anything really.The good news... my payment was taken the same day I ordered it.
  7. Is there a regular newsletter Daniel puts out on poker tips and what not, or is this what the blog is for?If it is the blog, how can I get notified of new updates?I like his style and am interested in keeping up to date with what he has to say.Thanks!
  8. Update for anyone who cares. :)I called yesterday morning and a I got a call back about 7 hours or so later. The nice woman said it was "Texas Hold'em" calling. That was cute.It took my CC # for her to pull up my account and all the while I'm telling her how the automated order taking system was pretty cool. Later I find out it had misspelt my last name and it had no address for me. But luckily it had my CC information!So in the end my order is now confirmed. But to all those who used the automated system, I'd suggest calling to confirm everything is a-ok.
  9. Hi all,Just signed up for FCP today and purchased the DVD as well. Because I'm outside the US got dinged a bit more on shipping but that's cool.I haven't received any sort of email confirmation for my order. Anyone know who I can either email or call to get confirmation that everything went through properly?Thanks,Instyle007
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