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  1. What about Phil Gordon and Paul Phillips? I name them not for what they've won in poker but they're sucesses in the business world. Paul Phillips made several hundred millions if not billions when he sold he took his company public. Phil Gordon was invovled in some computer tech company and made something like $300 million when it went public I believe.Any thoughts??
    Horowitz, sold Go2Net to InfoSpace four years ago in a $2.7 billion stock deal....i dont know how much paul phillips got from this deal...he was the chief technical officer...but who knows how many shares he had..
  2. Also' date=' has anyone seen any poker player on TV endorsing a non poker related commodity? I know I have not seen one.quote']Milwaukee's Best has Chris Ferguson in every damm fridge...i dont know if ivey or even DN or even the sellout himself hellmuth could want to climb in a fridge for a endorsement deal..but that is one example
  3. So basicially they will be "netting" a BILLION dollars next year... You could play Andy Beal and not make that much... how far behind is PokerStars?? FCP or FULLTILT?
    those companies are not public trading companies....party is estamated as "netting" 339 million next year..after paying their 1000 employees and other costs....they started from a online gaming company called ....STARLUCK casino...then starluck opened partypoker.comthe company is worth 5.22 billion pounds....convert that to dollars1 pound=1.7622 dollars5.22 billion pounds X 1.7622 dollars=9.2 billion dollars...lets say mike sexton has 100,000 shares....stock price is about 130 pounds..thats makes him 13 million pounds times 1.7622 equals little under 23 million dollars
  4. who has the most money of the poker players...my guess is Dolye..with his poker room and super systems books...but if you saw this articlehttp://www.cardplayer.com/poker_news/detai...67ba7b361b96aecparty poker is making over 2 million a day....wow...2 million a day...mike sexton has been there from the start and i know he has tons of partypoker stock and maybe a small part owner...he also has a book...he must be up there....

  5. why are you people comparing tiger woods to phil ivey....tiger is not black....he is 1/4 black....not half but a 1/4...his dad is half black and his mom is full asian.....just because someone has a afro doesnt mean he is black....the fact is...tiger gets his endorsements because GOLF is a major sport in the world...poker is a gambling game....its like apples and oranges....even my mom know tiger woods...if i said phil ivey....she would say WHO?......cmon stop this...phil said he made 17 mill since he moved to vegas many years ago..one poster has said....tiger made maybe 100 mill in one year...

  6. there is no racism in poker?when you are playing in a casino and and look at your table...you dont think about what kind of players they are by the color of their skin or nationality they are? what if he is mexican he loves to chase...or if he is asian and he loves to gamble with 2 overs and loves to race? or a old man who plays like a rock...or a young white kid thats thinks hes DN or hanson and is super aggressive?

  7. race card?cmon you'allwe live in america and racism is still around..like it or not..i agree on the felt there is no color but green...but in the coporate world race is definatly there...im not saying Ivey could get millions and millions...but a few million easy...a book..is alone a few million..DN got a million from WYNN...name me a black poker player with a book deal.(no one)..now name me a white guy with a poker book....even phil gorden(who has done nothing) has a book...im not even talking about black and white...look at the asian greats..chau,johnny freaking chan,juanda,men the master,the dragon, even tuan le who won like 4 mill got not even a invite to a poker room endorsement.......i admit the asians cant speak english that well. :-) ivey's agent could do all the work and phil could just sign the forms....

  8. i was wondering why phil doesnt have anything going except with his playing at full tilt...phil is clean cut and he seems like a nice guy...why doesnt he get any endorsements? is it because he is black? now DN gets a video game,book coming out,dvd, WYNN, cameos in movies, and alot more.....IVY has had a great 2005..maybe just as good as DNs 2004...so why no love? again i ask..is it because he is black?If he was white...i think he would have so much more...dont get me wrong..i like ivey and the way he plays and even talked to him on a few occasions and he is really nice and rooting for him 100%...hey, maybe he doesnt want it, i dont know...but who wouldnt want a few extra million from endorsements...

  9. Hello, A few friends and i are disagreeing about a rule..Posting it here to see whos right :)Please only post if you know about these problems for sure.. :club:---------------------Problem #1.In tornament play.Blinds 40-80Player A (first to act) makes it 200Player B callsPlayer C goes all in for 230 total(rest folded)Question: Can player A go all in? Or is he allowed to only fold/call?player A only can call or fold...since player A raised 120 more....player C went all in for 30 more that is not considered a legal raise so player A and B only can call or fold-----------------------Problem #2In tornament play.Blinds 40-80Only 3 playersPlayer A checksPlayer B bets 80Player C goes All-in for 100Question: Can Player A reraise or is he allowed to only fold/call?
    same answer as the first..call or fold..not a legit raise..has to be atleast 160
  10. yes there is nothing in the bible about poker......but i think there is something about GAMBLING.....i dont remember where but i think there is something that saids gambling is bad.....POKER is GAMBLING..........i see DN likes to comparing stockbrokers and poker players all the time....if he knew what really went on in the MARKET MAKERS(goldman,meryl(SP),and other big companies) rooms....they are not gambling..no way.. they control everything...now there is a slight comparison he can do with DAYTRADERS...but they are not stockbrokers...yes some have their series 7 but they are not the market makers..

  11. Hello XXXXThank you for your patience while I awaited for an update on your account status at FullContactPoker.com. On December 18 FullContactPoker.com experienced a small technical error. As a result, your account was able to receive funds credited to your account.Thank you for playing at FullConactPoker.com and for your understanding on this matter.Regards,XXXXXXFullContactPoker.comcharterhelp@fullcontactpoker.comPhone: 1-877-797-3365email i got from them after they froze my account

  12. Southwest. Isn't that building up a lot recently? A lot of new homes?
    tons...so the house prices wont be going up as fast...nice golf course here too(private) and a new casino comming in about 2 years from now next to the golf course
    How is the commute to the strip? Any nice apartments to rent down there?
    commute is sometimes bad sometimes ok..stay away from the 15 fwy friday to sunday..alot of apartments..new ones too....renting a house is a option too..i see house for rent all the time....
    Ya that's what I was thinking. What's the range to rent a Brand New home? 1200-1500?
    for that range you might get a house....1500-2500sqft 3-4 bedrooms..2-3 baths...nice homes for that price...
  13. WTF??so let me get this straight, You did all this, finally got the money into your poker account... then what???did you or did you not play wit hthe cash?, did they catch on, or did u report it??this is alot like something that happend to my friend a few years back, his work payed him 50k in 1 paycheck that was deposited diretcly into his account.it was a huge error obviously, but they knew there was a problem, and if he ever did try to spend that cash, even if it was the companies fault, he would of got screwed and would owe every single cent he spent
    i think this was a little different...he would have gotten fired from his job if he took the money....before i say what i did...what would YOU GUYS do ..play or report...
  14. Tell us - what exactly would be fair after you tried to rip them off? Fair would be giving you your initial money back and then kicking you off the site. Are you now going to tell us they gave you more money than you started with because you tried to rip them off?so you are saying you would not play with the money they gave you?

  15. Southwest. Isn't that building up a lot recently? A lot of new homes?
    tons...so the house prices wont be going up as fast...nice golf course here too(private) and a new casino comming in about 2 years from now next to the golf course
    How is the commute to the strip? Any nice apartments to rent down there?
    commute is sometimes bad sometimes ok..stay away from the 15 fwy friday to sunday..alot of apartments..new ones too....renting a house is a option too..i see house for rent all the time....
  16. You only got that much. I was able to get a little of $500K into my account before they caught on. I even cashed it out and they paid me! Idiots I tell you.
    i can prove this is real
    so can I...he gave me a ride in his new car the other day.F40.jpg
    they froze my account next day..no money was taken out...everything got settled in a fair manner...
  17. I will be living out there in a year. Where do you all live? What part of Vegas?
    i live in southern highlands...about 15 minutes from the strip
    Is that a nice area? I was looking into Henderson. What part of vegas is this? I will be going out there in April to look at housing.I will have my accounting degree. Are there a lot of jobs out there for Accountants?
    southern highlands is on the southwest side of vegas....i just heard a report saying if you cant get a job in vegas..you are not looking..tons of jobs out here for everyone...i dont know about accountants though...
  18. i was playing on fullcontact poker...and was transfering money from my cash account to my poker account..and a weird thing happened...i transferred 300 dollars to my poker account and i got a error message but they credited my cash account another 300...so now i had 600...so i did it again and they did it again...now i had 1200...i did it again and they didnt again...now i had 2400.. they were not letting me transfer money into my poker account but kept doubling my cash account.... i kept doing this and eventually had over 100,000.... so i tried to tranfer 5k into my poker account 20 minutes later and it went through this time...i did this until i had about 50k in my poker account...i guess thye fixed it and i was able to tranfer money to my poker account...now....my question is......WHO WOULD PLAY WITH THIS MONEY AND WHO WOULD REPORT IT TO FCP? would you take 25k and try 50-100 nl for a hour?this story is true....

  19. You know.....for me I always thought the best things about living in Las Vegas was the world class restaurants and shopping, the weather, job opportunities, no state income tax, anything you want to do is available 24 hours a day, all kinds of entertainment.........but now that he mentioned it.....it was the free Cardplayer magazine....that was the hook. Oh wait....in the time it took to type this post....my house just went up another couple grand in value.....I better drive to the nearest poker room (which is less than 5 minutes from my front door) and get a FREE CARDPLAYER MAGAZINE to read and enjoy!!
    what a idiot..takes what another person wrote and runs with it..read the title..its not the BEST or what i love MOST....learn to read...just another perk...including all you said.. and if youthink your house just went up couple grand in the last 5 minutes..you really need a look around...do you see a shortage of houses on the market?
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