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  1. if any of you wants to try this in the future of hooking up with a girl while playing poker i have a few suggestions..1. be nice and friendly and try to make her laugh....2. if she doesnt sit next to you.. try and grab a seat next to her when it opens up.3. dont ask direct questions..."do you have a boyfriend".."you married" **** like that...just general questions that you might get the same answer too..."what you in town for"..."enjoying your vacation?"..4. try and play alot of pots with her....even if you have nothing...5. shower before you play...6. brush your nasty teeth..if you have been playing for a long time have some gum or some damm tick tacks...7. dont wear your wedding ring8. try and make some side bets with her during play..just a few ideas.....i know you guys have your own tactics....but since im the only one that got some from a poker table...maybe my ideas would work for you too..

  2. why you all hating.....you guys all wanted to try and say something to a girl at a table but never had enough balls to do it.....i happened to try and it worked....dinner and drinks cost 300.....if i wanted to just to get laid...hookers cost less...but it was worth it...whats harder to do in vegas?lose all your money gambling or getting laid in vegas?i say lossing all your money....

  3. so i was playing at a large casino, playing 1/2 nl..having fun and built a nice stack..started with 200 and now have 1k in front of me....and this girl sits next to me and she brings in 200...she seemed like she knew how to play but it was like she learned watching tv... so we get to chatting and having fun and i cant say she was hot but she wasnt that bad...looked even better after a few drinks...one of those "ill do her" girls.she has a decent pair(you know).ok face..petite..after a couple hours playing together she doubles her stack and has about 400 in fromt of her....its about 10pm and i getting hungry....but because of the girl i keep playing because we are having fun..i ask questions like where shes from, what hotel she is staying at..who she came with...turns out she is here for a girls week out to vegas.....perfect....so i gotta give it a try and ask her to hang out... then this hand comes up and we are heads up...i get pocket KK and i raise 20..then she reraises me 50 straight...i say..im being nice and making it easy on her to lay it down and go all in.....now she thinks and thinks...she saids "i think i have the best hand"......then i start to think this is a good chance to say...."if you call and i win...ill take you to any restaurant you want for dinner because im hungry and if you win you buy me dinner"....she said ok since she started with only 200 and dinner will cost that much anyway....she flips over pocket QQ and i take it down....we both get up and head on over to the steak house in the casino...great food..expensive...after dinner and a few drinks we head to my room because she is staying with friends.... so we get into it as soon as we get in the door....and just as im about to rip her a new a sshole...i say "im all in baby"...

  4. there was table talk about poker terms and why a bunch of guys you started terming poker use so many gay terms...main one is......i sucked out on him or he sucked out on me...i showed him my nutshe took chips off the table..he went southhe has a back door texas hold'em ... sounds like texas hold himi know there are others....

  5. Im playing at one of the major casinos on the strip and this hand comes up.....i've already put my chips in 2 racks and kinda made it my last hand....we are playing 2-5nl i have about 1k in front of me...i get dealt 88 and UTG raises to 40 and there is one caller then i call and the button calls...4 see the flop...flop comes 10 8 6 rainbow.......the original bettor bets out 60(he likes to string bet and i played with him before) the next guy raises to 120...so there is 340 or so in the pot.....this is where im thinking maybe to just smooth call...but i thinking..i have the button to worry about and the original bettor to act after me...im not worried about the straight..maybe A9 suited or some bullshiite....so i raise it up to 300 to go.....the button folds,original bettor folds and the raiser thinks for a few then folds....i take it down...so should i have just smoothed called and tried to get more money? i was happy taking it down right there, there was enough in the pot in my mind...

  6. PLATLINE.....sometimes i go into bookstores and buy a couple of poker books..i always look for a book that has great stories about vegas gambling(not just poker) bur never could find a good one that is interesting to buy...you should write a book..it definatly would be a great read..100,000 a hand?!!? a not knowing japanese KKK??what did you expext from rodman and a bunch of stippers...lol?hope you give us more stories.....keep em comming

  7. Hey, go for it then, and I sincerely hope you crush the game (well as long as I am not at your table :club: ) I would hate to be the one trying to talk the next Phil Ivey into dealing. I think most everybody takes a shot at the bigtime at somepoint in their life, whether it be business, investments, or whatever they may dream of. The important thing to remember is to have a plan B just in case things don't work as planned. If you love poker, then dealing makes a great plan B. I would have to agree that its probably best you finish up the school and then go from there.Take Care,Phlat________
    dealing for 15 years...wow....you must have some great stories...what is your greatest? funniest? wierdest? bellagio? you deal the big game?
  8. when i signed up i thought it would be a good thing to fall back on and a learning expierence...after a few months of playing and then going to the school maybe once a week..i realised at this point i dont want to go..if i feel later when my bankroll is depleted enough where i dont feel comfortable playing the stakes i play..OFCOURSE i would finish the school...work my way up and play in lower stakes to build a bankroll...BUT at this time of my life..i have a deap enough bankroll and shiitteee..im making a decent amount playing and consistantly amonth...dealing is not hard..once you do it over and over again..its gets to be a routine...just harder then i expected..with the pitching and raking...after 30 minutes just pitching cards to certain spots and it doesnt seem like the last one was better then the first..it was alittle tedious(sp).i love playing and everytime i play....i learn some more...i thought dealing and playing would be even better to learn..because i hear alot of the pros started that way....like i said i am not asking for a refund or anything like that..still a option...

    First off, hello everyone, first post here at FCP!I think this decision, playing or dealing for a living, is really best made after you have assessed how risk averse you really are. Of course, playing has more potential upside, as well as downside, income swings; whereas dealing is going to give you very little income variance. Playing for a living also requires greater money management skills and self discipline, as opposed to working with a steady income stream and predetermined hourly schedule.If you can function well in an uncertain environment and have the discipline to put put a portion of your winnings into a retirement account, purchase medical/dental insurance, invest in some long term equity instruments such as real estate, etc, etc, then I say go ahead and play professionally because dealing will not provide the upside income potential you are after.However, if you are willing to trade a little bit of that upside potential for stability and reduced stress, then seriously consider pursuing the dealing career. A steady income stream, 401Ks, health insurance, free food, etc., are really nice benefits to have, especially in times of negative downswings at the poker table. Knowing that your future income and health are being taken care of provides a good sense of security, allowing you to concentrate more on improving your game, and less on making the monthly bills. Also, dealing fulltime and playing parttime can provide a healthy income once you do your time in the break-in casino trenches and work your way up to the strip casinos. I deal at the Bellagio and play parttime now. I take home $4000+ most every month after taxes, 401K, insurance, etc., just from dealing about 40 hrs a week. My poker earnings are much less than this, but I also play infrequently. I have been dealing for 15 yrs and have slowly climbed the casino ladder. Nobody starts at the top, virtually everyone grinds out the breakin joints, but the end result is a comfortable life and a nice income combining a real job with a great game. Will I ever be a millionaire? Nope, probably not, but I am content with the security of my future. I hope this helps you out with your decision and good luck at the tables.....Phlat_________ :club: PS. LOL, and no Iggy, every dealer does not wish they were playing for a living. We see the swings the pros go through and the stress that is their life!PSS. Most dealers here in vegas get 20 min breaks every 40 to 60 mins, which usually equates to about 2 hours in breaks a day. Its great for studying up on the poker books or whatever.
    thanks for the response.....and not just flaming....you know what....im gonna finish the school....but one of these days you gonna see me at a final table on TV(i hope)..and everything will take care itself....."""its not a fcuking pipedream"""
  9. Looks like me you want to make a career with not to much hassle. Just invest some time and money so you atleast have the basic skills to fall back on. Why don't you just go work parttime as a dealer. If you do the graveyardshifts it often is a quite time so you can get your experience dealing a soft table and-so-forth.Jan
    i will eventually finish the school.....they said the money i paid doesnt have a expire date on it so i will finish it....i also learned having connections to dealers and poker room managers are even better..so while i play i will try to get to know the dealers and the managers and more importantly they get to know me better so when i do go for a audition..they will look more favorably to me...connections are gold.....hope i can keep up my ave monthly totals...as lof right now my career is playing not dealing..and it has been a great hassle to get to this point of finally winning on a monthly ave...
  10. i quit dealing school after going 5 times.....it cost about 400$ dollars to be trained as a poker dealer and if you want to add another game like blackjack or another table game, it cost 100 more a game...craps is another animal... its not that dealing school is hard(its harder then i thought), you can get a certificate in about a month if you go everyday for atleast a few hours... the school itself does not guarantee a job after completion...they tell you that upfront..they say they have casinos call them to see if they have dealers that are ready but again no guarantee... the hardest thing about dealing is not about knowing the rules(rules of the games and dealer button etc..) or knowing how to cut the deck or even knowing how to handle chips...these things could be taught in the first day...the hardest thing for me is the right way to deal cards(pitching) and the rake.. dealing card to players is called "PITCHING"..and done the right way, takes some practice..i see most people pitch with their index finger on the corner of the card..but the right way is pitching with your middle finger(watch your local poker dealer) and get that helicopter effect...when you get to the school they have you pitch for about 30 minutes to start your session... the rake is the hardest...its easy when the casino has a 1 dollar at 10, 2 dollars at 20, 3 dollars at 30 and 4 max when the pot reaches 40 dollars..and some casinos have 1$ for a side jackpot....even a standard 10% rake is ok...10% is easy to figure out.. 27 dollar pot you rake 2 dollars and 50 cents(quaters only..and you cant take 2.75 because you never overrake).some casinos(the ones you will first start out at), the smaller ones, have a 5% rake..now stay with me..kinda gets complicated.... 2/4 limit game..1/2 blinds...3 callers..6 dollars in the pot...you change 1 dollar chip to quaters and rake 5%..30 cents..since you cant overrake..you take a quarter and put it in the rake spot..you have to remember you have 5 cents left to rake at the turn..3 players play the flop..6 more dollars..5%, you take another quarter..now you have 10 cents left more to rake on the turn...you get the idea?procedure...you cant cover the cards with your hands to straighten the deck after you shuffle..use you right thumb with the deck in your left hand and push the back end to straighten the deck....how to collect the pot and push to the winner..where to put the mucked cards.. after some time..it becomes second nature because you do it like 300 times a day...but it does take some practice....once you finish dealer school(this is the reason i quit)...you have to go to almost every nasty casino to get a audition..no highend poker room will audition a dealer with no experience(unless you have a connection)..even middle grade cardrooms(small rooms on the strip and off strip) require atleast 6 months to a year experience(unless you have a connection)..you have have to work at a breaker poker room usaully in downtown or way off strip where the action is small and maybe they have 3-5 tables...you might have to work graveyard shifts and if there are no players they send you home. pay starts at 5.15$ an hour and all the tips you keep(great for poker dealers because table games like blackjack have a share the tips by shifts rule in vegas.....but shiite..5.15 an hour with no tips for 8 hours is only about 40 bucks a day...working for tips and if its a shitty game or even no game..then what??after passing the audition, you have to get a gaming licence..and any kind of theft record you are screwed..if you have past charges not related to theft..you are ok because if they only hire people clean records..half of vegas dealers would be gone..theft..they dont want...i personally dont have any recordi heard one dude didnt get hired at the statosphere because during his audition the manager thought his shuffle(riffling 2 halves of a deck together) was too loud(wtf is that..lol)i have been playing for the last 4 months and have made average 4000 a month...thats about 200 aday ave playing 2/5 nl ...for 20 days ..2 days off a week..so ill keep playing until i hit a monster cold streak and see what happens i guess...good thing i do have a deep bankroll..hopes this helps you guys looking into dealing...if you have any more questions post and ill try to answer

  11. 3/6You hold X-XHeads up with someone who has 7-7Flop 9-j-k.You bet. 7-7 calls.Turn 6. You bet. 7-7 calls.River ace. You bet. 7-7 hesitates. He's in the tank. He calls.Why in ****ing hell would 7-7 call? Why? Why?
    why#1- its 3/6.. why#2- calling stations..you gotta love'em
  12. People don't proof read Cardplayer articles. What do you think this is? the frickin' New Yorker?
    i forgot to mention i typed the article myself...it wasnt a link..i can type pretty fast and didnt proof read my typos...just wanted some of you Matusow fans to get a good read..this article wont be out for a month in cardplayer.com.
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