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  1. Yeah, I guess. I mean, the job's great and I love animal doctoring, but it still means I have to, you know, work. Haven't killed anything yet, but haven't really saved anything either. Well, I saved one thing, but it was euthanized later on, so I don't know if that really counts. You? Still doing whatever it is you do wherever it is you do it? Edit: Also, I'm trying out Orange is the New Black. Two episodes in, not sure what I think yet. Also I may need to get Showtime for a bit to watch the last season of Dexter, which I'm guessing will suck but at this point I have no choice.
  2. Well at least now I feel pretty caught up. Essay kissed a girl!?! My favorite part: 15. The Ocho - Nothing of note 15. The Ocho (--) - Made himself a sandwich
  3. Hey man, there was that one time with that girl (Andi?). Pretty sure I still have a screenshot somewhere that I had taken to prove to my friends that I can get internet girls to strip for free.
  4. Not if having a third kid would destroy what's left of his soul Hey man, I meant that as a compliment. Your sexual...can't find the word...not "prowess"...not "liberation"...shit, I don't know. You're not afraid to get dirty and I like it. Also, for the record, at least 50% of my cases, probably 60-65%, are much closer to Grady than Hollywood.
  5. I'm not sure I want you to either. I mean, I understand the enjoyment of a porn-style finish, but not every time.
  6. Pretty sure you could follow any of Ron's posts over the past howevermany years with that and be ok. Is it unusual for me to know that? Anyone else?
  7. Yeah, they can leak for hours, tilter. Your information seems faulty.
  8. You kind of lost me halfway through this post. But anyway, I prefer a woman to be on the pill. Why take the chance, plus leaving it in there feels way better. I wonder what the complication rate is when they're done as babies by a trained professional. I feel like this is an assumption. You kind of have to. If you choose not to, it's not like a reasonable adult is going to choose to get cut. By doing nothing, you're not leaving the door open as much as being 99% sure you're making that final decision.
  9. Are you guys friends again after the whole pre-visit fight thing? I can't get this out of my head:
  10. If it makes you feel any better, it was the worst fight scene I've ever wasted time watching. Just horrible. Anyway, you seem to have this decision pretty well covered.
  11. I think the bad guy is the jerk ballplayer from Mr. 3000.
  12. Nothing interesting enough as of yet for me to want to write and you all to want to read. I agree that he's a flopper, but I also think that he gets hammered so much because he's such a big dude (for what he can do with the ball) that I'm not surprised he started trying to overplay how much the contact affects him. It's like when defenders were getting away with basically mugging Shaq. I was going to respond, but am currently distracted by the last 10 minutes of "Fighting". I've never seen the movie, but I seem to have flipped to the channel right before the final fight...
  13. Yes, please. Though I guess there's not much to say other than it looks amazing and I can't wait to see it. I guess it's not a classic conversation piece. Mhm. That Bosh rebound and kick to Allen was insane. I was very much on the Bosh bandwagon (he had that block as well) until the non-call foul. I can't believe his stupidity was rewarded. How the shit do you bump a guy taking a sideways fallaway three like that? I'm torn, because I want both teams to win. I love the way the Spurs play and their personalities in general, but for years I've thought LJ has been even b
  14. Has this awesomeness been mentioned: Also, Bosh fouled the shit out of Green. I don't like that no-call, if only because Bosh's stupidity should have been punished.
  15. Nor do you enforce them, I'm guessing. Time to change that...get out there and tell those fatties what's what. haHA!
  16. You can, it just involves chemical assistance. Heh. Well, I never clicked through to the site when I got the warnings, so it's probably ok. I think that means you're the ones who are ****ed. haHA! I don't remember saying that.
  17. So I haven't been not here just because I'm now working and way too important for such things. My computer kept telling me for days (not anymore) that the forum was dangerous and carrying malware and the like. Anyone else have that problem? Anyway, being an animal doctor is fun so far. A little terrifying, but I'm finding that the other doctors where I work are pretty understanding about me asking a ton of questions. Most of it isn't medical related, more administrative junk, but I get lots of opinions on medical stuff too, solicited or not. It's occasionally awkward to figure out a w
  18. Well, at least she wanted to make out with you in public?
  19. Well, 10 is better than less than 10. All are fine, thanks. Finally almost completely moved in, 2 weeks later. And I really don't want to start work on Monday...I'm not ready to give up on my 6 years of not being a working human. People are the worst. I like this line. Amyloidosis. I'm constantly annoyed by the fact that I missed that crucial window...probably 5-15 years old...that allows someone to feel really comfortable fixing or building pretty much anything. I try my best, but it's a grind for me to figure shit out. Got a new cordless drill for the
  20. Good work, napa. Possibly. I hope you waited at least a few hours. Or even minutes, for god's sake. I have this strange feeling that shake will get all the land, in a few years they'll find a huge natural resource pocket underneath it, he'll get filthy rich, and then he'll lose it all in the divorce from this chick and her kid. I guess it's not a strange feeling as much as an odd fantasy. Heh.
  21. "You boys stay away from that there guy next door. I'm perty sure he's one of them homos from the city."
  22. I watched that shit last night because I couldn't convince my girlfriend not to. I had to read some Harry Potter to break the ensuing depression cycle. Look, it thinks it's human!
  23. When the movie comes out, that joke will be super lame. But for now it's still perfectly nerdy.
  24. Yeah, I don't know if I buy scram asking a chick anything at a place like that. I picture something like this:
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