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  1. That's sad. Was he still funny? You know what might work? A twoxchromosomes post about a horrible first date with a redpill guy and how she put him in his place. A clincher would be having a friend create an account where they could claim to be the redpiller in question. I agree, although I do like the company a lot - they do very cool/funny shit with their popularity.
  2. Was there ever any kind of update on Wang?
  3. Crazy. I don't miss much about my life 10 years ago, except for the regular visits to casinos in AZ followed by In & Out on the way home. I actually almost went to AC a few weeks ago because I got my biannual hankering for poker. Couldn't fine anyone to come with me, and I couldn't justify driving out there by myself. Ok, I could justify it, but I got lazy. Sorry to hear it. About the dog, not your car. I don't give a shit about your car. You know what, **** your car, seriously, it was a piece of shit anyway. Probably. I say do it now, but only because I really wa
  4. It depends - I do think large animal vets tend to stock the wider gauge and longer needles than we have. They don't need anything longer than what we have for simple things like blood draws and subcutaneous injections, but if they want to give deep intramuscular injections or tap into body cavities they need the more specialized hardware. That link is pretty much exactly what I'm going to try to find, except we wouldn't have anything with a blunt end. I'm pretty sure our only needles long enough are typically used to drain pericardial effusion, so it's more of a catheter than a needle, but
  5. I'm doing a butt Friday. Also going with dry rub, and if we happen to have any long needles at work I might try some injections as well.
  6. We really are doing recipes, and I love it! Thanks, it's ok. Yup. The 3-2-1 method works every time. http://barbecuebible.com/2015/01/20/3-2-1-method-ribs/ Wait, you did who to my what now? You don't have to pander to him. It's ok to just miss me. Hey there. And you as well.
  7. Wait, there's someone you thought was me? That's ****ed up...although I remember multiple times when I thought someone may or may not be Wang.
  8. Hm. Yup, I'm with you. That poor woman has three high energy beasts to tend to.
  9. Hey now. Glad to see multiple of yous are still around. About to finally take advantage of Seinfeld being on Hulu. Going with The Opposite as first viewing - partially because it was on some countdown list I saw recently, but mostly because it's my favorite.
  10. Makes sense. Oh, I'd imagine they're a huge handful. I'm impressed with anyone who can handle multiple high energy beasts.
  11. Along the same vein as the lack of chinese food on christmas, I'm not particularly good with money. My thought would be that this e. coli thing presents a big opportunity, since the stock will drop and could be snapped up, since I'm assuming it will get back on track eventually. I assume that's not an original thought and if it was that easy everyone could do it, so what am I missing there? Ron! Your dogs are adorable.
  12. Oh hi hank. Instead of chinese I had the traditional garbage plate - bizzle (I think he was the one who knew about it) would have been proud. Oh, well yeah. That's definitely true. I did also buy some seeds and a flock of chickens for some poor people in a third world nation in her honor, but that's more of a gift for me. And the poor people. Fair.
  13. I am, but she isn't. We're so progressive! Napa, with all the crazy out there, I'm not sure we can throw a woman in that category for not being satisfied on christmas by a miniature board game. But maybe I've been sucked into the engagement vortex and have lost sight of what's important (my right to be lazy).
  14. Well of course - I'd assume any spoilers would be grounds for an immediate ban. What kind of gifting are we talking about? The kind like I managed for my fiancé for christmas this year - a miniature version of harry potter trivial pursuit? We're not doing christmas until tomorrow due to the fact that she's been working nights since the 24th. The other presents I ordered haven't arrived yet, plus it was supposed to be an adult sized version of the game, not that it would help much. I'm pretty sure now I need to scramble during lunch tomorrow to go buy her actual presents. Unless you gu
  15. Nothing yet. Leaning towards Chinese - sesame chicken and fried pork dumplings. But the winds could shift at any time in the next two hours before an order is placed. What's your dinner plan?
  16. As a pet, as in to be cute and outgoing and cuddly? I don't feel particularly great about that - they can be huge pricks. That said, if raised to be pets from very early on in development they can be relatively friendly on their terms. I've heard that horses aren't big alpaca fans, but can potentially be desensitized to having them around. If you're looking for an animal that's friendly towards humans and a great companion for horses, I'd go with a donkey or mini donkey.
  17. Welp - here I am. I'm sure am here! I originally signed in because I'm extremely hungry and need help deciding what to order. But that's ridiculous. I hope all is well with...whatever the hell is going on these days around here. You guys still making jokes and whatnot? Edit: Turned back a page, looks like it's mostly recipe sharing. I'm into it.
  18. A comment was made in another thread about you being me (or me being you). We aren't us, are we?
  19. Yes, thank you. Speaking of Wang, did he ever pop in to confirm or deny that he's still alive?
  20. Speaking of things, I drove past an Argyle Street today. It took me about 2 hours to remember why that name was so familiar. I called my brother and it took him about 2 seconds. Anyone?
  21. I can't figure out how to upload a picture.
  22. Is it a fat cat that just can't groom itself? You can try fatty acid supplements, and there are comb-in conditioners since cats aren't particularly fond of bath time. Sorry to hear it.
  23. I really don't want to use Old Lady. There's got to be something else. Not to make this awkward, but I really do have to stop posting. Hopefully I'll pop back in a few years down the road. K bye. I'm considering it.
  24. Shake is right, that's incredibly stupid. The ladyfriend found a picture of me at my parents' house - in it I'm about 4 years old, and the pose is quite similar to the picture of George Michael that Michael keeps next to his bed. So yeah, she put it next to our bed.
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