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  1. My teacher the master of masters taught me how to fix the problem. I think it is best that you Learn to swim https://youtu.be/CehYA3omb5o
  2. So the Earths Magnetic field is weakening The poles have left there home and moving towards India During this transition, Space will be closer to you. It currently resides ~50 miles above your head the loss of a few miles of atmosphere Brings clouds even closer to sub zero temps and pressure waves from CMEs and SUN space weather This planet isn't a water planet existing next to a ball of fire for billions of years This is an Ice planet and is not even in what they call the goldilocks zone
  3. 52 cards in a deck 52 weeks 13 values 13 lunar cycles 4 suits 4 seasons 12 face cards 12 months 364 total values+ joker 364.23~ days in a year
  4. and not a question to awnser
  5. When people see me on their table They literally curse their luck I earn that respect with skill and consistent dominance Leadership and Action And I remember who and what I stand and play for, at all times. but for anyone needing somethin extra I got you something out the factory The Snake hand betting tech hand movement #1 The Snake Strategy: Mimicking Fear-Inducing Attributes in Poker The "Snake Strategy" in poker aims to leverage subconscious fear responses by mimicking the threatening attributes of a snake through spec
  6. Concept Proposal for a Slot House with Minimal Financial Risk Introduction This proposal outlines a novel concept for a slot house operating as a non-profit organization. The primary objective is to minimize the financial risk for participants while maintaining the excitement and enjoyment typically associated with slot machine gaming. Operational Model The slot house aims to mitigate financial risk for participants by ensuring that guests who incur losses receive most, if not all, of their money back at the end of each quarter. This approach significantly limits their exposur
  7. An idea for a slot house non profit with limited exposure to risk of loss for our guests Losers get most if not all their money back at the end of the quarter Winners that do cash out will have that value deducted on an average from all the losers quarterly's checks Winners are subject to a rollover and week withdrawal lock. That way more people can all end closer to breakeven and people can still have thrill,fun of stuff, lose it all back and your shirt You know like every trip to Vegas Except the machines weren't actual slot machines in my design The
  8. but if you can't undestand what he is saying Johnathon Littles Pokercoaching masterclass is great too
  9. Wanted to go over #2 position playing limpin is pimpin out of position How can we be the last to call a bet on the flop, and get to be the first to jam on the turn and river? Out of Position is IN Position This is completely unorthodox and splits/rips the flop turn and river theory and ev calculations completely Limping is Pimping is Heavy on the bluffs and reads So how can one be so bluff heavy and not be ousted by defeating bluffs and bluffing into pots that are bigger than usual with a 95% success rate Why wouldn't you want to go f
  10. Beaufort Gyre circulation shutdown Cold bomb ice age comin up! and my favorite the crust is unlocking now Mega tsunami!!!
  11. Philosophers stone? cure for cancer? bibles hidden secrets? How to beat the solver? well I already gave that one away for free. Didn't even get a tshirt..
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