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  1. After a week of hardwork, I'm releasing https://github.com/bupticybee/TexasHoldemSolverJava . Now it comes with a gui. It's totally opensourced and free. Hope you guys like it~ 👀
  2. ince 2015, pro Texas Holdem players has been playing holdem with solvers. And by the time 2020, solver is so widely used by players online that if you try to play online poker without a solver, you most likely is going to lose money. However pro level solvers are extremely expensive, for example piosolver is $1000. And since I really want to have a solver and don't want to pay the extremely expensive price, I finally decide to write one myself. That's how the github porject is created: https://github.com/bupticybee/TexasHoldemSolverJava It took me serval months to finally finish
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