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  1. Totally agree with Hardtrance, should be like that !
  2. I did not have a hand in mind, I was more talking about your attitude. What are the things you do, how do you act when you are bluffing ?
  3. Hi everyone, Today, I really need your help coz I'm fed up. The problem is I love poker, I enjoy so much when I play. I do have some skills which allowed me to win some great games online. And since last September, I go to proper casino to poker table. I seat and I play. I had lot of expectations at the beginning but they quickly felt down. Why ? I can't bluff, I don't why but players can always guess my moves. I do not use this strategy a lot coz I know I can't manage it but still, sometimes I really need to bluff and I loose myself doing it. Do you have any advice you could give me t
  4. That is a really interesting question. I do think people start smoking just to seem cool coz being honest, I don't know anyone who told me he thought his/her first cig was tasty ... I think people continu for a while to seem even cooler and then, they are totally F***** by it. Some of them also like the gesture, I do like it to be honest. Best Advice ever : NEVER START
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