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  1. I don't care if you boys want to talking some bullshit about satan, apples or whatever... This is a poker forum and I posted a real story asking for constructive opinions, so go on an apples forum to talk or stop posting ur bs here in my thread.
  2. wheat? For what it's worth, here are some of my recent stats: Total Games: 505 game(s) doubt (disconnected) 1 game(s) Games Won: won 127 of 505 (25%) Win/Loss: won m฿118,07 Raise/Call Ratio: 0.4 (85 raises, 228 calls) Call/Fold Ratio: 0.6 (228 calls, 365 folds) Bet/Check Ratio: 0.8 (123 bets, 160 checks) Flops: saw 229 of 505 (45%)
  3. #1 Today, 2:58 PM Lieutenant_OH7 New Member Join Date: Dec 2016 Posts: 1 I've got a serious dilemma... I have been into poker cashgames and MTTs since a few months, I used to play hold'em with playchips, but that was years ago. I wasn't taking it very serious, but the game suited me well, and I wanted to try it with real money at some point... Took a few years until I really got back into poker, and 4months ago I fi
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